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This means he knows everything, what happened this morning

My body, I turned away and covered my mouth. I can't think anymore now I felt being the loss of words I felt a tingling in my chest
how will I explain everything to him?

Finally, after taking some courage, I looked at him. My hands were trembling with my toes wobbling
I can hear his heartbeat pounding in his chest
Even so, his face is hard and cold

Before I could tell anything, he quickly stood up and goes away
from there,

I sat there; I felt a hollowness in my chest what will I do know I should tell him about this before now; I don't know how will he take this did he hate me again; I noticed an empty water bottle. I quickly grabbed it without wasting a second and started crushing it to relieve my frustration.

"Mrs. Knight, it's Etan, are you, alright mam, its winter night and you are sitting here so long, you might catch cold mam," he said to me with an inward look

I calmed myself. I can do this. Will have to talk to Aaron about this Aaron before misunderstandings create between us.

I quickly run towards our bedroom. looked around, but Aaron was not there. I quickly come out from our bedroom running and come towards his living room, dining room,
But he is nowhere to be seen

I come towards the kitchen I saw Hannah there
I quickly run towards her

"Did you see Aaron," I asked while rubbing my hands together

She looked at me "Are you okay?"

"I will be once I will know where is he," I said while leaning forward my body felt so heavy with a tingling sensation in my chest, I felt my head getting heavy

"Sir is in his study room. He said don't disturb him," she said to me

I nodded and sighed heavily
"Eternity here is your nightwear, you said to me to arrange nightwear for you because you didn't have your night clothes so here, I went to the store today and bought this for you," She said giving me a newly purchased nightgown bag, actually I usually didn't wear nightgown, I always wear pajamas but she bought nightgown but I can't refuse to wear it, she will feel bad if I reject this so I decided to wear nightgown as my pajamas are in new York and Aaron's shirt, it feels awkward to wear it

"I think you both fight," she asked me and I looked away, thinking about him

She placed her hand over my shoulder "don't worry, just wear this nightgown and go in front of him, you will look very attractive and beautiful in this nightgown, he can't be able to keep his hands off after seeing you in this, I am hundred percent sure he can't be angrier with his beautiful wife after seeing you in this gown,"
She said nudging me and I smiled, looking down, shaking my head at her

I thanked her and comes towards our bedroom
I changed into that nightgown she bought for me
It's bridal long lantern white silk lace night robe
It's fitted me perfectly, but it's okay better than that, more than needed revealing nightwear which Olivia sends in my bag

Eternity nightgown

Eternity nightgown

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