Chapter 11- the garden

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Ember's heart stopped.

She had no words. Her sister was dead. She watched her die. There's no way that she's actually standing here in front of her.

George watched Ember struggle with her words, he knew this wasn't a good idea.

"Emberlynn . . .", he began.

Emberlynn didn't say anything.

Her eyes couldn't leave the little girl staring up at her.

"Don't be afraid of me Emmy", the little girl announced.

Ember's throat went dry. Hot burning tears began to emerge from her tear ducts.

"Just look at her Blackwood", George said.

Ember looked into the little girls glistening eyes staring into hers.

Ember looked at her chestnut brown, shoulder length, thick hair.

'I used to braid that hair', Ember thought to herself.

Ember looked down at her dress. It was the dress she was wearing the day she died. A light pink silky dress. It had detailed stitching and a pretty flow.

Ember remembered that day before herself and Victoria played Hide and Seek outside, Victoria put on that dress because she wanted to play as a princess. Fred then told her that no matter what she wore, she would always be a princess.

Ember looked at George who deeply regretted showing her this, "How?"

"Look at her closer Blackwood", he said slightly gesturing.

Ember turned her head back to the girl. A ray of sunlight shined upon her, making her visibly transparent.

Ember could see through her. She could see the big tree behind her, the bright green grass on the ground where her feet were hovering above ground, the blue sky through her head.

The little girl stood there staring at Ember, "It's really me Emmy"

Ember's eyes burned with tears, her jaw tightened. She looked to George who nodded his head, "It's her"

Ember fell straight to her knees, her hands covering her face. "I'm so sorry V-victoria, I'm so so sorry. I could've made it to you if I ran faster. I could've s-saved you if I tried h-harder. I know I could've"

George stood there hopeless, not being able to comfort his friend in front of him.

Victoria floated over towards Emberlynn, "It's okay Emmy. I like it here. Freddie made this place for me ya know? So I could always play hide and seek and play in the sunflower field", she said smiling down at Ember.

Ember looked up from her hands, "He did?"

"Yes! He found me in the sunflower field outside of our house a couple of weeks ago. He spent those weeks with me here, playing and visiting with me", she said spinning around, giggling.

Ember looked at George, "That's where he was those 2 weeks he left? He was here? He found Victoria and brought her here?"

George nodded, "He told me the other day. Even though he didn't think you'd forgive him, he still did all this for you and Victoria"

Ember began to cry again. She couldn't handle all of this. She thought Fred was going to make them a picnic or do something crazy, she didn't think he'd led her ghost sister to a hidden sunflower field where she could stay forever. This was crazy.

"I thought you'd be happy to see me Emmy", Victoria said crossing her arms.

Ember wiped the tears away, "Oh Victoria, I am! I'm just in shock right now, I didn't expect to ever see you again. There are a lot of emotions flowing through me right now, and all I wish I could do is hug you"

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