Chapter 25

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I woke up and got ready for school. I put on a dark green long sleeve, light jeans, and black shoes.

I wave goodbye to Rebekah who was reading a book and Hope who was resting on her lap.

I got to school and I see Malia but that's the only person I've seen today.

I go to class. Fifteen minutes later I hear a whisper "Malia... Leonora...Malia...Leonora" I excuse myself and walk out looking around.

I found Malia coming out of a classroom too. I wave her over and we go looking for the person saying our names.

The whispers continue until we see Derek in the hallway waiting for us. He tells us he wants to warn Brett's pack about the dead pool so they don't get hurt or die.

He must want Malia because she's been in the woods her whole life and me because I can hear farther. Derek gives her Brett's Lacrosse Jersey to get his scent.

She's not the best but she will have to do. We go to the woods just walking and me listening.

I can only hear the scattering of leaves, squirrels rustling, and the wind whistling. Malia picks up the scent of gunpowder.

Derek bends over and finds shell casings, I look down and saw some too.

We looked for about two hours before going back to Derek's truck. They walk in front talking to eachother while I'm still trying to see if I can hear the pack. Malia says we need to think like Stiles.

They figure out that they are hiding somewhere a Buddhist would hide because that's their religion. We get to the point where we believed them to be but we couldn't find anyone.

Malia says she smells something and we all walk where she leads us. We stumble across a bunch of dead bodies infected with something. We inspect the bodies trying to figure out what they were killed with.

We were about to leave but Derek runs over to a body. It was Braeden laying barely moving. I run over next to both of them. We grab her and Derek took us to Scotts then took Braedan to the hospital. I could have given her my blood but in these times we can't have a newbie vampire.

I overheard Stiles and Scott talking about money and whether or not they should give it back. Did they steal money?

Malian and I run up the stairs soaking wet to tell them the news but Malia didn't seem to hear what they were talking about. Malia opens the door "Satomi's pack was poisoned" she huffed.

After we told them I walked Malia home since I can just run. I watch her walk to the front door "Hey! Don't forget the PSAT's tomorrow" I reminded.

She groaned "I totally forgot!" She waved and walked in but I heard her whisper "God I'm going to fail."

I got absolutely no sleep, Hope was up all night and nothing we did stopped her from screaming and crying. The only good part is that I got some studying in.

I took a short shower, brushed my teeth, and brushed my hair. I put on a black knee high dress with a denim jacket and ankle boots. I shoved my books and papers in my backpack.

Hope was finally asleep and Rebekah was passed out on the couch.

I left the house feeling like I forgot something. I got to school and saw Kira, Stiles, Malia, and Scott waiting in line. I walk up to them and smile but they all look at me weird.

Stiles clears his throat "Why are there massive circles under your eyes?"

Damn it that's what I forgot.

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