Chapter 4: Phone in Obelia

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"Mama! Mama! Wake up. Lily's here" Athanasia said while trying to wake Diana up who is lying next to her. "Mama wake up" Athanasia plead.

Cold sweats were starting to form on Athanasia's forehead. She can't let be Diana exposed... For now. This might become a problem if she'd ever let that happened. 'I can't let another problem to take over'

"Mama Wake up" Athanasia place her hands at Diana's shoulder, she gently shook her body causing Diana to open her eyes.


"Lily's here!" Athanasia said in a panic.

"Princess? Princess Athy? May I come in?" A voice outside the door reached Diana's ears. She quickly stands up searching for a place to hide.

"Ah--hah five more minutes Lily! I'm awake!" Athanasia quickly replied to Lily. 'Good thing that I locked my door' Athy thought.

"Princess, Is there a problem? Let me in" Lily insisted.

"NO! I-i mean to wait for a second!"

Diana glanced at Athanasia's bed. She quickly ducked to see if she can hide under the bed. The result never disappointed her, she quickly hides under the bed while giving Athanasia an 'Okay' signal.

'Safe' Athanasia thought. "Yes, Lily?" Athanasia finally said as she opened her door. 'According to Lilian's reaction, she is worried about me'

"Princess... His majesty is asking for your presence" Lily immediately replied to Athanasia. "He wants you to dine with him"

"Really?" Athanasia Excitedly replied. 'It's my chance now. Lucas told me to stay with my dad's side... I just really wish that he can fix my dad sooner'

'But wait a minute'

Athanasia snapped for a minute. She glanced over her bed, thinking about Diana. She's worried about her Mama, but she also knew that she'll be alright as long as she's on her room. 'Sorry Mama, but I have to choose Papa Claude for today... Especially about his current condition..'

While Athy was having a deep thought. Lilian is quietly observing the princess. She carefully looks at Athanasia's face to watch her reactions. 'It seems like the princess is bothered by something'

"Lily let's go, I want to see Papa Claude!"


Diana's POV:


"Did Athy just left me here alone?" I unconsciously blurt out after the two of them left the room. I immediately crawl out under the bed. "My, my. My daughter really left me for his dad... What a daddy's girl"

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