Chapter 20

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The drive to Colorado was really nice. I was so excited to get home. Grayson spent the majority of the time filling my mind with his endearments and also some not so appropriate suggestions about what we would do when we finally got some alone time. I had a constant blush on my cheeks. I hoped his Dad couldn't tell what we were talking about, because I was definitely a willing participant in this game.

We pulled up to his house late the next night. I was so excited to see his Mom. I loved her. She came rushing out of the house in her robe. She must have been looking out the window for us. She ran to greet us at the R.V.  I stepped out and into the waiting arms of the woman who I had considered my second mother. "Holly, I'm so happy to see you." I gushed as she embraced me. "Oh Amber, my precious girl. I can't believe he found you. He never gave up hope. He knew you were still alive." She told me as she looked me up and down. Her colors were pure joy.  "Look at you. So beautiful. You're a woman now." She held me to her again. Tears were streaming down both her eyes and mine.

She welcomed her husband and son but didn't let go of my hand. We went into the warm, inviting home that I remembered so well. It even smelled just how I remembered. She took me into the kitchen and sat me at the table and then filled up a bread bowl with tomato bisque. "Your favorite. Now eat up, I know you have to be hungry. Did my boy feed you?" "Of course, I did Mom." He told her. He sat down next to me and another bowl of soup appeared in front of him. "Now, tell me everything, how did you two find each other?" "Well, he found me. But I was stubborn and wouldn't give him the time of day at first. I made him work for it." I told her. We all laughed, and I filled her in on the details from my perspective while Grayson added his own details. At the mention of my Foster Family, I felt a pang of grief as well as relief.

We talked late into the night. It was like old times. I was always either here or he was at my house. But more often than not, both of our families were all together. We were extremely close. I had missed out on so much over the last three years. So many times, I had wished for something exactly like this. Family who loved each other. Holly was doting over me as she always had. There was a spare room for me. Grayson let me know telepathically that his Mom had put the room together not long after I had disappeared. Grayson was so certain that I would come back.

"I can always go back to my house." "Oh Amber, you can go over there in a few days. You need to settle in a bit first. It may be a little overwhelming to see all of your parent's things. I think you should just stay here as long as you want. We will get over to your house soon enough. And I'm sure Grayson isn't ready to part with you." I looked over at him and saw the concern on his face. He was worried about me. I hadn't really thought about how I would feel when I went into the house. I was excited but quite apprehensive. Holly was right. I needed to be ready.

I finally went to bed around three in the morning. My room was next to Grayson's. "No sneaking over there son." Jack told him. Grayson rolled his eyes and agreed. I could see that he meant it but wasn't happy. I can't say that I was either. I remember having sleep overs with Grayson my whole life. But I guess our parents had put a stop to it when we were around thirteen. Probably a smart move. "I love you." I heard in my head right before I fell asleep.  "Forever." I told him.

The next morning Holly made a huge breakfast. Grayson was in there helping. "You didn't have to go to any trouble." I said. "Oh, don't be ridiculous. This is your welcome home breakfast. And tonight, we are having a big party at the Center so everyone can see you." I suddenly felt nervous about that. "Don't worry, I will be right by your side the whole time." Grayson reassured me.

I sat down and ate huge amounts of crispy bacon, French toast, and blueberry muffins. I ate enough carbs for the week in that one sitting. Thank goodness we had awesome metabolisms. We told his Mom about the healing we did right before we left California. She was amazed. She told me that her and my Mom had talked constantly about what special powers we would have. She was hoping maybe we would fly. My Mom thought we would one day turn invisible. We all laughed at that. Grayson decided that flying would be much cooler than healing. I kind of had to agree.

That night at the Center, I was reunited with so many people. Memories were still slowly coming back to me. Everyone was truly happy that I was back and safe. A woman named Cindy, who I had very fond memories of, sat alone in the back. As I approached her, I noticed her colors. Sadness and grief. "Her husband died recently." Grayson sent me when I sat down next to her. She smiled warmly and gave me a huge hug. But her sadness still hung over her like a cloud. "I'm so sorry for your loss. How long had you been married?" I asked. "275 years." She told me with eyes full of tears. "My Robert always loved you kids. He said you would do amazing things one day." Grayson took my hand in his. I let her tell me about his passing and how hard it had been on her. They were a bonded couple, the closest relationship imaginable. I wished I could comfort her. I saw her colors turn to agony. Words weren't enough to express my sympathy. I reached out with my free hand and she took it. I immediately felt the energy leave my body.

Grayson and I shared a startled look. "Do you think we are healing her?" I asked him telepathically. He motioned for me to look back at her. Slowly I saw the transformation. Her colors began to change. I saw wisps of acceptance and understanding. And then, hope. A smile appeared on her face. "Thank you, dear child. I knew you were powerful. But I never imagined you could transfer your strength and love to me. I am forever grateful to you both." With that she gave me a huge, warm hug. She got up and crossed the room to visit with our other friends.

Grayson and I sat in silence for a moment. I was shocked. This was the second time we had healed someone, but it was somehow more unbelievable. We had healed her emotionally. "Do you think that's why we can see emotions? Were we meant to do more for our people?" I asked. "I don't know, but one thing is for sure, it's an amazing gift. We need to use it to help others." We sat holding hands, stunned at the enormity of the situation. Later that night we told his parents. They were as amazed as we were.

I spent the next few days at Grayson's house catching up on everything I missed the last three years. It was so comforting to have Holly back in my life. It was almost as good as having my own Mom. She knew me so well. She comforted me as we talked about how much I missed my parents. She told me stories I never knew about them. They had been best friends for over one hundred years. Sometimes we laughed and sometimes we cried. But all of it felt right. I was home.

Grayson was so amazing. He showed me all the mementos of our relationship that he had kept. All the photos. They really helped to bring back some memories that weren't quite available to me yet. He tried to cook for me all the time. I finally had to stop him from bringing me breakfast in bed. To say he was happy to have me back, was an understatement. I couldn't get enough of him. Just his presence in a room had tingles shooting up my spine. This man was my perfect partner. His emotions often brought tears to my eyes. The way he felt was powerful. His voice in my head was both soothing and exciting. His gray eyes searched me out no matter what I was doing. Always checking that I was okay, that I was feeling safe, loved. What did I do to deserve him?

We had very few moments alone. But when we would finally get them, we made the most of it. Grayson would pull my face close to his with his big hands. Touching my cheek, my hair, my neck. His kisses were soft and filled with love and promise. He sent his emotions to me as we kissed. I could feel his need, his passion, his concern and care. And always his deep devoted love. And I matched his with the same. I never fell asleep without a whisper of goodnight and a promise of forever from him.

I love these two!!

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