Chapter 13- another secret

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Ginny's mouth hung open staring at Fred.

Fred put his hands in his hair, "I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid. Why'd I ask her, Ginny? I shouldn't have done all this. Look what's going to happen now. She warned me and I didn't believe her. I did it anyway. God! I'm such a fucking idiot!"

Ginny was fuming with anger. She didn't understand but she didn't care that she didn't. Her brother loved Ember and she knew that, that's all that mattered.

Ginny jumped up from the sofa and tackled her brother on the floor.

"Owe, Ginny fucking stop! What's wrong with you?", Fred grabbing his ribs in pain.

Ginny sat on the ground next to her brother who's ribs were aching from being jumped on. "Shut the fuck up Frederick! Listen to me!", Ginny yelled slapping her brother in the face.

Fred stared at his sister in shock while holding his reddened cheek, "What is up with you and hitting people these days? Bloody fucking Christ "

"Stop changing the subject Fred. Listen, just listen to what I'm going to say", Ginny said putting her hand on her brothers shoulder.

Fred gazed at his little sister. He knew she was going to give him a big lecture on Ember and how she should be treated. He didn't want to hear it, it would make things worse for him but he was going to listen anyways. "Fine", he said resting his head on the floor beneath him.

Ginny looked down at her hands trying to find the right words, "I know how much you love her, look at what you did today for her. From the very beginning I knew you were in love with Emberlynn. When you guys came back home after your second year was over, you couldn't stop talking about this pretty first year you'd met on your first day. Matter of fact, you always used to bring her up no matter what we were talking about. And now that she's finally yours you want to tell me that this was all a mistake!? That's a fucking bloody lie! And you know it is. Whatever reason you have in your head that is making you rethink asking Emberlynn to be your girlfriend is a piece of crap! Look how many things you guys have been through so far in just this school year! You've slept with her worst fucking enemy Fred! And you slept with her because you wanted to get even! Look at how stupid you were! And now you want to ruin it all again, after she forgave you!?! Don't be a fucking git! If you ruin this, it'll be over. You will never get her back. So make a decision and make it fast because she doesn't deserve to have to wait for you"

At this point, Fred was covering his face with his hands. He didn't want his little sister to see his tears of misery.

Ginny didn't say anything else, she knew her brother was crying. She felt bad for him but she mostly felt bad for Emberlynn, he put her through hell and he was about to do it again.

Ginny stood up and walked up to her dorm silently leaving her brother to his thoughts.

When Ginny started yelling at Fred, the few people in the common room had left due to wanting to give the two siblings some privacy.

Fred removed his hands from his face now knowing he was alone. His body was burning up due to the anger and sadness of the emotions rising up inside of him. He looked around just wanting to punch everything in sight. He had so much hate inside of him.

The light crackles of the fire behind him made him stop crying and turn around to look at it. His heavy breathing calmed down while he stared into the orange inferno surrounded by the stone blocks.

"Freddie, are you alright? I heard Ginny screaming at you from upstairs"

Fred was slightly startled by the presence of his brother's raspy voice coming down the steps. "Yes yes, I'm fine, just go back up to bed. I'll be up in a bit"

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