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so you all are prbly here from my tiktok so hi. thanks for wanting to read my story. um i really suck at updating so bare with me, it's hard to post here and on my tiktok all the time. i'm gonna try to go into as much detail as i can so you can really experience it. also i don't write smut, so things that me and louis do i'm not really go in depth about. so i'm sorry if you wanted that but i'm not really into that. another thing, i'm not the best at writing so please don't come at me. i'm also not gonna write how i freaked out bc shifted either lol. so uh yeah :)


     Beep. Beep. Beep.

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm going off, I quickly turned it off and laid back down. I closed my eyes for not even a second before my older brother, Jaxon, came barging in.

"Cmon, Jordyn, it's time to wake up." He said all too loud for 5:30 in the morning. I groaned and turned my back away from him. I then felt my brother jump on top of me.

"Jax, get off of me!" I yelled but not too loud.

"It's your big day, J!" He yelled back but filled with excitement. But he's right, today is my big day. The day everything could change. I'm auditioning for the X Factor. Scary, I know. I'm terrified but I think I might got a shot.

"Is she awake?!" My dad yelled with more excitement then my brother as he came running down the hallway, almost slipping from his socks. My dad and my brother are my biggest supporters and my best friends. Honestly, without them I have no idea where i'd be. I had lost my mom when I was 7, so they are all I got.

"She is!" I yelled trying to match their excitement but it came out as more of sarcasm. "Now, can you get off of me?" I asked to my brother who was still on top of me. He got off and fell down on the other side of me on my bed.

"Are you excited or nervous? Or both?" My dad questioned. I pulled off the covers and stepped out of bed.

"Both." I stated as I picked up my brush off my white dresser and quickly brushed my hair.

"Dad made pancakes. And we have to hurry up and eat so we can get there first." My brunette brother said as he got off my bed.

"I did. I'd say I did pretty good, definitely not good as moms though." My dad said while laughing.

"Race ya." Jaxon stated with a smile and then took off.

"No fair!" I yelled as I tried to catch up to him. We both ran out of my bedroom, down the hallway, and to the kitchen. My house was pretty small. I mean, it is just the three of us so we don't need a whole lot of room. It was a one story, brick house located in Northwich, UK.

The house was dark because it was barely light outside but the kitchen light was enough to light the downstairs. Jaxon beat me to the kitchen by a split second.

"You cheated." I said out of breath as I grabbed a pancake off the plate that was sitting on the table.

"You just aren't fast enough." He said as he retrieved the syrup from the cabinet and tossed it over to me.

"Thanks. And you went before me, you don't even give me time. That's called cheating." I testified.

"You just gotta be quicker than that." He said as he went into the fridge, "Butter?"

"Yes, thank you." I said as Jaxon brought over the butter and a knife. "Don't tell dad, but i'm really nervous."

"You're gonna be fine, J. You are gonna kill it."

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