Chaper Nine

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Kates pov

We start to drive a little down to an old diner. I know the owner because he is my grandpa. I work there sometimes when they are low staff to help him out. We park and we walk right in.

"Kate? what are you doing here" My grapa ask

"Just out for lunch with some friends" I say He gets us a booth in the back,And keeps give the guys evil glares but he doesn't have a mean face he is just too cute with his chubby cheeks.I alright know what i want to eat i get the same thing ever time chicken tenders with curly fries.

"So what did you guys want to talk about...."I say

"Well we were wondering if you would be around little" Lucas said like it was nothing that a big deal for me. I have never had a daddy before. Now two people want to be my daddy this is a BIG slot a full.

" I don't know, maybe I should test you guys out first to make sure you guys are good guys before I fully comment."I say but as a say thing a waiter comes by.

"what would you like to drink" He asks looking at me

"Umm could I just have some water" I ask he gives me a friendly smile and ask the guys the same thing. They keep giving him a weird look but I don't say anything about it. He walks off to get our drinks.

"So your saying you are want to do a test run?"Dax asks

" I guess so I just have never done anything like this before and I want to make sure something bad is going to happen." I say

"I think that might be a good idea on both parts." Lucas says

" We are going to need to come up with rules" Daxs says After a bit the waiter came by and set are drinks down and asked what we wanted to eat he keeped eyeing me up and down it was a little weird but lucas and dax kept looking at him like they were going to kill him so it was Fine I order my chicken tender and curly fries, dax order a double decker cheese burgers with bacon and lucas got some nachos.

" I will give you guys my number i will text you guys my rules and you guys will text me yours but how long do we things should do this test run?"I ask

" How about 30 days?"lucas ask

"That's good for me,"  I say. The waiter come back around and hands us are food well putting are food down he slips a tiny paper next to my plate he walks off and I pick up the paper and read it It says "hey cutie maybe after you dich those guys me and you could get together" I really didn't know what to do I just sat the paper down and started to eat. Dax apparently saw the paper and picked it up before I could take it back. He read it and gave it to Lucas. They both looked really mad.Lucas got up from his seat and walked over to the waiter.

"We're going to need some Togo Boxes and for you to NEVER speak to her again" Lucas then says something that I can't hear. I can't believe he just did that. I mean come on he could have handled that better.He came back and sat down with some boxes and started to pack up all of my food well dax was getting out some money.

"I can pack my own food but thank you." I say quietly trying to take away the box he was holding. Lucas pulled back the box out of my reach.

"Now little girls dont need to help just sit there and be good, okay?" He asked if I blushed and just nodded my head and sat back until he was done.

After they were done packing their food and paying as we left, Lucas and dax kept giving the waiter angry looks as we left. We got back to the truck and Dax lifted me into the truck and buckled me in.

"Thank you. you guys didn't have to do that you know." I say as we start to drive back

"Oh but  we did, we are your daddys for the next 30days sweetheart that means we got to take care of you."Dax says to me.

We finally got back to my dorm and they walked me back they told me to eat all my lunch and they were sorry they couldn't stay because they had to finish something at work and to make sure I made and send the rules for them, we said are goodbyes and I started my list of rules for them. This is going to be a really long night for me.


Hey guys merry christmas and happy holidays.I love you guys have a wonder Night and happy new years.I hope you guys enjoy the book and if you could leave a like and comment. BYE MYLOVES.

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