Chapter 14- confronting all 3

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Ember stood outside of the portrait hole trying to gather her thoughts before walking inside.

She took a deep breath and said aloud the password and walked through.

She noticed a lot more students were in the common room than before. The room was quite loud but not too loud since some students were still up in bed sleeping.

Hermione sat in a far corner in a chair reading a book. Ginny was sitting on the carpet braiding a dark haired girls hair. Ron and Harry were both sitting on the stairs looking at a piece of parchment. George was- George.

George stood in the middle of the room talking to Lee. They looked like they were deep into conversation.

Ember's eyes locked on him. Her body turned burning hot and her fists clenched just thinking about him. Her nostrils flared and it suddenly felt 100+ degrees in the room.

Ember couldn't handle it. She hated him so much. He betrayed her trust. After everything they went through yesterday with the whole surprise and especially with Victoria and the sunflower field. George still tried to protect his disgusting twin brother.

Her hatred arose and before she knew it she was walking straight for him.

As Ember was mere feet from George, he finally looked over at her and took a big gulp while stepping back.

George seen the anger built up inside of her. Ember was usually a hotheaded girl when things occurred that she didn't like, but it was never like her to be giving a death glare to a friend of hers.

But George knew what he did. He knew he was wrong. He knew he should've stopped Fred and tried to let Ember know. But he didn't.

As Ember kept taking steps forward, her thoughts still began to process through about what George had done. Every step and every thought she took closer, led to more hatred and to more emotions.

"Emberlynn, wait. Don't be upset with me, I tried to stop you. I was trying to save the hurt that he was going to put you through. I was doing it for you", George said stumbling backwards and now sat on a table.

"You piece of shit! How dare you!", Ember yelled in George's face.

The room fell silent. All eyes turned to George who was leaned up against a table and Emberlynn who was ready to beat the living shit out of him.

Ginny stood up from braiding the girls hair, "Erm whats happened?"

Ember looked to Ginny with tears in her eyes, "Your brother didn't bother to tell me that Fred and Willow are making out downstairs in the hall!"

Lee's eyes widened and he put his hands behind his head and stepped back, "Don't want to get in anyone's way now"

Ginny slowly put her hand up to her mouth in utter disbelief. "George. . . tell me you didn't"

George had the most regretful look shown upon his face, "You don't understand—let me explain myself, p-"

Ember's hand slapped across George's burning face. The loud smack made everyone in the room jump.

George sat there holding his cheek gazing at Ember with the most sorry look on his face.

"Emberlynn!", Hermione shouted at the almost crying girl before her, "You can't just hit people whenever you feel like it!"

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