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I and Carly are spending a truly enjoyable time together, first, we ate ice cream together she is so adorable, I don't know that Hannah has a granddaughter Carly her parents are no more, so she lives with Hannah in the servant quarter

"And this is my turn," I spoke with a playful grin while placing the last part of the puzzles

I and Carly are playing puzzles in the living room

"Yay, you won princess," I mentioned while letting her win intentionally

I love kids, especially little girls

I will ever have a kid, I will prefer a girl like her, she is so bright and brilliant

"Yay," She blurted while touching her fingertips together
I grinned, looking at her

"Tickle round," I said while swinging my arms going towards her

"Oh, no tickle it's so no," She said with a booming laugh while running and I ran behind her to catch her to tickle her

I am running behind her to catch her for tackling but before I can go towards her, I bumped into someone
I let out a hard sigh and closed my eyes, I looked up its Aaron he is shirtless and only in his sweatpants
My tongue darting out to touch the lips, I felt my muscles losing

But I am Mad at him

"Are you alright?" He asked me tenderly

My hands clenched briefly and I pushed him away

I go towards Carly who is hiding behind a large couch in the living room

"Hmm I see, seems like I have to accept my defeat," I said loudly while going towards the couch where Carly is hiding
I heard her giggling

I come from backward and
"Gotcha" I grabbed her and she exclaimed loudly, she is Lightly rapping her fingers

I started tickling and she is flapping her hands
I can feel someone eyes on me when I was ticking her I looked up and noticed Aaron looking at me, he seems lost in thoughts

After our tickling session, I peck on her head and Hannah come towards us, to take her

"Sweetie, come it's time to go," She said to her while holding her little hand

"No, granny I want to spend more time with Mrs.Knight," She said pouting and my heart flutter with happiness, I saw myself in her, I was also like her in my childhood

"It's an eternity for you princess, please call me that," I said to her
while peaking on her cheeks

"No sweetie, Eternity has to spend some time Mr.knight also he is her husband and she is his wife, they need some time for themselves also," She said to her smiling at us

Carly nodded but she has a sad face, her head is laying against my chest as I am stroking her hair

"Um, Hannah it's okay if she will stay with me for today, I didn't have any problem," I said while
waving my hand dismissively

"Really," Carly's face lit up as a shimmer of spark appears in her eyes

I nodded to her and she hugged me happily "Thank you Eternity," She said and I smiled and kissed her cheeks

"Promise me you will do your homework, drink milk and not bother granny, and sleep on time, okay," I asked and she nodded as her head lifted high

"Are you sure, Eternity," Hannah asked me while leaning in and I nodded while stroking Carly's hair

When Hannah is gone, I turned around and found amused looking Aaron, he is smiling inwardly looking at me

He comes towards me and said
In my ear "you will be a great mother, and trust me we will make beautiful kids together," he whispered slowly into my ear and I felt my body going still while my pupils dilated

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