Chapter 15- a big fight

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Ember squirmed in Fred's arms as he carried her through the halls. Her loud screeches congested the hallways surrounding them.

Tears were streaming down her face rapidly, it seemed as though she could never stay happy for a second with Fred. Something always came up whether it be because of Willow or Fred himself. She absolutely hated it. She just wanted to have a real relationship with him, that's all.

Fred brought her all the way up to his dorm and set her down on his bed. Ember immediately started to wipe the snot falling from her nose due to crying so much.

She sort of felt good in a way though. She had a long good cry on Fred's back. She hated having to be in Fred's arms but she was still able to get most of her frustration out.

Fred went and shut the door and gently rested his head on it. He couldn't think of the right words to say to his girlfriend. He didn't know how to make her forgive him for what he was forced into doing. She understood of course that he couldn't control it, but it still had happened.

Ember curled up on his bed with her back facing him. Her hands intertwined with one another, she stared at them connected thinking of when her and Fred first held hands after the prank on Umbridge. That day was the most happy she had felt in a long time. She should be feeling the most happiest right now, now that she was finally dating Fred Weasley, but she wasn't.

"I'm not happy", Ember announced not moving.

Fred shut his eyes in sorrow. He felt like a knot was being built up in his throat without his control. The tears started to form up in his tear ducts but he blinked them away as fast as he could.

He swirled around to face Emberlynn who wasn't facing him, "Why?"

Ember used her hands to push herself up from laying down to look over at him. She gave him a look like he should know. She gave him a look like the question he had just asked her was stupid. She gave him a look like it was so obvious why. And it was.

"What do you mean why, Fred? You know why. You are the reason why. You do types of things like this constantly. We have been dating what—for a day? And you already did something to completely ruin this relationship", Ember calmly responded.

Fred gave her such a sorry look. His face twitched with sorrow and his lips quivered with regret. He glanced down at his feet not wanting to make eye contact with his utterly perfect girlfriend.

"And the thing is, you aren't saying anything because I'm right. There is no defending yourself and what you did", she said biting her lower lip.

Fred stared down at his twiddling feet, "Well I had no control over what I did today love. I would never ever kiss Willow, only you. You are the only one I swear to Merlin, Blackwood"

Ember stood on her feet, "You're right, you did have no control over what happened today, but what about when you slept with her to get 'even' with me? You did it to get bloody even with me Freddie. And I know we weren't together then but still—what the hell? If you truly loved me . . . you wouldn't have done that. I haven't been able to get it out of my head. And today, I seen you making out with her. Even if it was just because she blew some love dust shit in your face, it was still your hands tangled in her hair, your body pressed up against hers, your lips smashing with hers in a stupid motion that is stuck in my mind. I've kissed you once . . .and she has kissed you so much more. She's done it because she hates me. I can't get the images out of my head of you two getting dressed in the room of requirement , you leaned up against her in the common room flirting with her or you with her in the hallway making out with her. No matter if you meant to or not Fred, it was you doing these things. I fucking can't take it anymore"

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