Chapter 2 - The Miraculous Goddess

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The light slowly died down as they all stared in shock at Mari's new form.

Her midnight hair was now longer, flowing all the way down to her lower back. She had fox ears and a fluffy fox tail, which were both red and black. She also had beautiful wings which started out as a butterfly's flowing down to a peacock's.

Her nails were as sharp as claws and fangs replaced her teeth, covered by ruby red lips. She wore a beautiful black, red and gold dress, with an opening for her tail. The dress was a show-back, so the wings covered that part. She slowly turned around to reveal what you would call God-like beauty.

Her eyes fluttered open to reveal her blue cat eyes with a tiny hint of green.

"I'll get you out of here guys" she said in her enchanting voice and freed her friends and the kwamis.

"Oh no you won't. Now that it has finally worked we can do it for ourselves and kill you simpletons, seeing that there isn't use for you anymore" Fu said and immediately she turned towards him, her eyes screaming anger.

"What did you say?! You are all useless and disappointments, also bigger fools than I thought" she said in her godly voice which brought fear into their souls

"What do you mean?"

"You gave me the power of every single kwami God. And I won't hesitate to end your lives" she said and snapped her fingers, turning him to ashes immediately as the other monks stared in shock and panic.

She opened a portal for her friends and the kwamis, giving them all the other miracle boxes.

"Go, I need to finish this" and they nodded, entering the portal to Chloe's room.

She turned to look at the cowering monks and shook her head. Gathering Adrien's dust into an orb in her hand she placed her other palm on the floor and muttered a single word.


Immediately the whole place shook and she teleported away from the scene with the orb, ignoring the crumbling of the building and the cries of the monks as they were crushed.


"M-Mari- bug? Is that you?" Chloe called out to her and she nodded.

"What now?" Luka asked and she answered

"I destroyed the temple. And now I'm gonna destroy the miraculous, all of it"

"What?! Why?!" they screamed

"Because this world is full of bad things and people that don't deserve the power. And all the kwamis need to be free" she says and they nodded.

Every single kwami that was awoken surrounded her, even the ones from the other boxes, like the wolf and owl. She gathered all the jewelry and destroyed everything, turning it to oblivion.

Immediately the kwamis turned human.

(I'm too lazy to describe them, so Ill just describe the Wolf and Owl)

Alpha (Wolf) had grey-black hair with blue highlights and blue eyes. He still had his fangs and ears with his tail, but he could make them appear when he wished.

Same with Liiri who had dark brown shoulder length hair with black eyes.

"You guys are free to go wherever you wish, but you mustn't cause much trouble and must see me from time to time. Understood?" Mari asked all the kwamis and they nodded.

The kwamis from the other miracle boxes thanked her and choose to explore the world, except Alpha and Liiri, who chose to stay with the original kwamis.

Mari reverted back to her normal form and broke down in tears. Her friends came to comfort her.

"It's okay Mari-bug"

"Everything will be alright melody"

"Please don't cry Mari-san"

"Why does the world have to be so cruel" she sobbed and thought of what she had gone through.

Her own parents left her for the words of a liar.

Her friends abused and abandoned her because of a little rumor.

Her mentor betrayed her and killed her friend

Her first love, someone she now saw as a brother, which he was by adoption, just died before her eyes.

So basically almost everyone that has been in her life had brought her pain.

The kwamis changed back to their kwami form and hugged her face. "It's alright Marinette. None of this was your fault" Tikki assured her and she slowly calmed down.

"I've been meaning to ask, who are you two?" Mari asked, pointing at the other two kwamis

"Greetings great guardian. I am Liiri the Owl kwami" the female answered

"And I'm Alpha, the wolf kwami" the male said. "I can grant one between two powers, the power to create other copies of yourself, only that they will be wolf-like and you are their leader, or, the power to brainwash at most five people into being a part of your pack. And with you being the great guardian and Miracle Goddess, I'm very sure you can use the both"

"And I can grant the power of wisdom for battle strategies, flight and talons. We have chosen to stay here with you" Liiri says

"Okay then"

Luka looked at the orb behind Mari, which was still floating in mid-air.

"Melody what's that?" he pointed at it and they all looked at it.

"Oh I forgot, that's Adrien's dust. I didn't wanna leave it in that place. But I can't heal him now, the dust has to settle for a couple of weeks" she sniffled and they nodded again. She made the orb disappear for it to settle.

"So what do we do now?" Kagami voiced out

"First we should tell Uncle Jagged, Aunty Penny and Auntie Clara about the situation" She told them and they nodded to start making a few calls.


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