Chapter 16- the burrow

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Anyways I just wanted to give a quick little heads up that this chapter is going to have some sexual stuff happen so just beware. And if you ain't comfortable with that you probably shouldn't read this chapter, it's no big deal but whatever you're comfortable with reading:3

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Almost immediately after the big fight between the Gryffindors and Slytherins went down, the Headmaster ordered for Ember and her friends to be in his office.

Dumbledore knew what had happened down at the Black Lake. He knew what had happened on his schools grounds.

When the group entered his office they were pretty much aware that they were there because of the fight. They knew there would be serious consequences once again. They were constantly getting into trouble which made every one of them frustrated, except Emberlynn.

Dumbledore ended up sending the group back to their homes early for winter break. He didn't want them getting into any more trouble then they already had been in. He also knew that this might seem like an award rather than a punishment but he had no other option in his point of view.

Emberlynn packed up her bags and got herself prepared to stay at the burrow. She was expecting to have a few more days to get herself situated before she'd have to leave, but things obviously changed.

Ember walked downstairs to the common room where everyone was waiting around for her.

Fred's eyes shot up to look at her, "All ready then love?"

Ember nervously nodded her head and walked towards her smily boyfriend and her friends.

Everyone except Neville was going to the burrow. Neville's grandmother had already come and got Neville as soon as she heard the news. Hermione and Harry however, had no where to go. Hermione didn't want her parents to know she had gotten into trouble so she asked to stay at the burrow which she of course was allowed to. Harry didn't want to go back to the Dursley's so he asked to go too.

"Alright, who's going first?", George said holding up the small container of floo powder.

They were going to travel to the burrow using the floo network which was used through the fireplace.

Ember had only gone through the floo network a couple of times so she was sort of scared because she didn't want to accidentally say the wrong place.

Fred glanced at Ember who looked full of anxiety, "You alright Blackwood?"

Ember snapped out of her gaze set on the fireplace and smiled up at him, "Mhmm", she hummed.

Ron ended up going first because no one else wanted to. He walked into the fireplace, grabbed a fistful of powder, yelled "The Burrow!", and disappeared into the eruption of the green inferno.

Harry went next, then Ginny, Hermione, then George.

The last ones left were Fred and Ember.

Ember watched the green flames take away George and looked towards Fred.

Fred watched the nervous expression on Ember's face grow, "Before we go, tell me what's bothering you. And don't say nothing because I can see it on your face", he said outlining her face with his finger in the air.

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