Chapter 5: Lipeh Tea

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'The phone hooked her' Diana whispered to herself while looking at Athanasia who is currently holding a phone in her hand. 'It seems like... She really knows how that thing works, well as I expected, Athanasia is an Intelligent young woman. It's not really surprising but...'

"Mama! Let's take a picture" Athanasia sat beside Diana while taking a selfie shot with her.


"Mama you should use it as your wallpaper"

'It's been a year since the last time I used a phone' Athanasia thought to herself as she continues to click and scroll on her Mama's phone 'It's kind of disappointing that there is no signal here in Obelia, I pity this thing'

"Mama, are you--" Athanasia was about to ask a question to Diana but suddenly she saw an unexpected file on the phone. She quickly opened the file and a video of a dancing ballerina appeared on the screen.

Athanasia locked her eyes at the dancing woman on her screen. Every move of the ballerina was enchanting as if a beautiful fairy were dancing in the middle of the forest. 'How could be a ballerina dancer be this enchanting?' Athanasia asked herself.

"Do you like it? the dance performance? I was playing a part of a royal ballet dance called 'Giselle' at that moment. I asked Melia to record my practice so I can watch and improve myself more" Diana blurted out. "That video-- I mean that scenery was a year ago"

'WAIT so she's basically telling me that she is that ballerina dancer?!' Athanasia shockingly thought. 'I know my mother, as a dancer from siodonna, but I never thought that she's this amazing!'

"Athy?" Diana called her. "Athy?"

"Huh? yes mama?" Athanasia snapped out. 

"You're spacing out, is there a problem?"

"Huh? Nothing mama, I'm just amazed by your performance, you look like a fairy dancing in the middle of the forest, very enchanting" Athanasia replied to Diana.

Diana blushed because of Athanasia's compliment. "Stop fluttering me. dear, I am not that good at dancing and it's been also a year since I stopped pursuing that career"

'I don't believe you' Athanasia thought while having a grin on her face. "Mama do you still know how to dance? Or perhaps know another dance?" Athanasia, who is currently curious, asked Diana.

"I do still know how to dance, but I am not sure if I can still lift my body like I used to, However, about the second question, I love practising some traditional dance" Diana replied while thinking about Fleur Estelle Belly Dance, Peacock Dance and Sword Dance in China and some folk dance in Egypt.

"Really mama? Can you show me"

"Sure next time"

'Diana is really talented, isn't she?'

"By the way, how was your day with your Daddy Claude?" Diana asked in curiosity. Athanasia looked upon Diana's face. She gave her an excited expression.

"It was kinda great, Papa Claude will join me for tea time one of these days. Why mama? want to see Papa Claude?" Athanasia, who just found a way to tease her mother as revenge, teased her.

"Whoa--, whoa... You are taking revenge on me" Diana who is shocked by Athy's attack of words exclaimed. 'Clever' Diana thought. 'However... I wonder how Claude looks like'


Her heart started to beat faster and louder. Diana who felt the acceleration on her heartbeat stood there dumbfounded. The familiar feeling of nostalgia stiffened her at that moment. 'What was that?'

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