Chapter Nine

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__Author's POV__

Everyone is sitting on the couch, Zhan and Yibo is staring each other angrily. By their staring, it seems like, they can swallow each other. Their family members are waiting to know what happens. Xuan and Jiyang also staring each other. They know what happened when, Zhan and Yibo first meet.

Zhan and Yibo both were shocked knowing that, their families arrange their marriage.

"No!! I can't marry him." Zhan and Yibo finally spoke in unison breaking the silence.

"Why are you coping me?" Zhan asked angrily.

"Why I would copy you. You are coping me." Yibo replied with a serious voice.

"Shut Up. You, idiot. I can't marry you." Zhan shouted.

Hearing Idiot from Zhan, Wang family laughed internally. Which can be see from outside perfectly.

"I'm a idiot? What did you said?" Yibo said maintaining his poker face.

"See, he is telling himself. Of course you are an Idiot. And, you are a person, whom I don't like one percent. Did you get it?" Zhan said dramatically.

"Dramatic bitch." Yibo cursed under breathe.

"What?? What did you said?" Zhan asked pretending he heard everything.

"Nothing." Yibo replied rolling his eyes.

" Good, you're not worthy to say something." Zhan said .

Everyone is watching the show, "Who can Curse In Best Way" (I'm the dramatic author 😂)

"How they know each other??" Zanjin exclaimed.

"Ge, I will explain you everything later." Xuan whisper.

"You know everything?" Zanjin asked in shocking face.

"Mnnn.." Xuan nodded.

"Woow!! I'm seeing for first time, Yibo is shouting. Woow!!" Zanjin said making his face and laughed.

"Dad, what do you think about them?" Zanjin asked Mr. Wang.

"I think, I think.. I think they are made for each other. Look at Yibo, he is shouting, Zhan is the boy who make it possible. A icy cold human is talking loudly. Woow!!! This marriage will take place no matter what. Hahah, now let's enjoy the show." Mr. Wang said with a evilish smile.

Hearing Mr. Wang, Zanjin also laughed.

"You are inhuman. Hate you, hate you."

Zhan, shouted which catched everyone's attention.

"Shut up. Keep your mouth shut." Yibo shouted angrily.

"Why? Why? It's my mouth. I will do whatever I want." Zhan said taking few steps towards Yibo

"Okay!! Okay!! Both of you. Stop it now." Mr. Xiao said stopping both of Yibo and Zhan.

"Dad, how you arranged marriage with him. I won't marry him." Yibo complained.

"As if I'm dying." Zhan said mockingly.

"Zanjin, son. Zhan loves you. Also, he consider you as his own brother. Can you please ,calm him down. Otherwise, there will be world war 3." Mr. Xiao asked help from Zanjin.

"Don't worry, Uncle. I'm going." Zanjin replied with a smile.

"Mn, go!! Also, we need to talk with Yibo." Mr. Wang said.

Zhanjin nodded.

"Shushhh!! Zhan, calm down. Come, let's talk." Zanjin said and standing up from sitting.

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