Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Naruto vs Pain pt.1

The land and buildings alike were destroyed, the people heavily injured some, dead. "Minato!" Jiraiya grunted, clutching the pain on his side. He slowly got up and walked over to Minato who layed near him.

Minato opened his eyes and winced in pain. He slowly got up and spotted Jiraiya making his way over to him. "What happened?" He asked.

The two looked over the mass destruction. Their eyes widened in horror, villagers were pulled out of the rubble. Survivors were immediately taken to Medic Ninja's while the dead were respectfully placed down in a clearing, white blankets over their bodies.

Families mourned for their loss and others.

Minato and Jiraiya immediately rushed to the center of the crater, far from the destruction and death. On their way a figure stood in a clearing, glaring around his surroundings as if searching for something.

As he came into a much clearer view, they immediately noticed the blond spiky hair and the whisker marks that made it all the more obvious as to who it was. "You!" Minato growled rushing up to Naruto.

He saw the cuts and bruises along his body, blood running down his arm and a little escaping his mouth. 

Minato grabbed Naruto by the collar of his clothes and pulled him close. Rage overwhelming his body. "You traitor!" Minato yelled. Jiraiya walked up to Minato and grabbed his arm that held Naruto.

"Minato stop!" Jiraiya cried.

"What do you mean stop!?" Minato growled. "This is his doing!"

Naruto said nothing, he merely fixated his gaze at the ground whilst his hair shadowed his eyes so that the Fourth Hokage couldn't see him properly.

"Lord Fourth!" Kakashi called out, landing near the trio and rushing up to them. "It's him! The leader of the Akatsuki!"

"I knew it! You led him here didn't you!?" Minato asked turning his attention back to Naruto.

Naruto gently placed his hand on Minato's arm and released a sigh. "The Akatsuki is my business, Kakashi, please tell me where you spotted him." Naruto said.

His grip tightened on Minato's hand. Minato grunted and released Naruto. Naruto turned to Minato, a sad smile plastered on his face. "Once a family, always a family. That's all the Akatsuki is to me, but even after betrayal... I still see them as family." Naruto said.

"You wouldn't know it though, for some who neglects their child and shows them only pain..." Naruto trailed, "you're no father."

With that Naruto walked away with Kakashi leading the way.

It did not take long to find Pain's whereabouts amidst the destruction and the like. "Tell me where Naruto is." Pain said glaring down at Iruka who was kneeling next to an injured ninja. So he's pain... Iruka thought and gulped. "If you don't I'll kill you."

"I won't tell you." Iruka stated as he slowly stood up.

"I see..." Pain said and went for the killing strike while Iruka couldn't move any part of his body, he just froze in place.

Naruto swiftly ran up onto a rock and jumped down, catching the black stick in Pain's hand. "Right here big brother Pain." He said sternly looking at Pain.

"Iruka!" Kakashi exclaimed rushing up to the black haired man. "Come on, let's take him and go. Let's leave Naruto with him."

"R-Right." Iruka stuttered and grabbed the man putting his arm over his neck and running away from the battlefield.

Naruto let go of the black stick and the both of them jumped away from each other. Five other versions of Pain suddenly appeared before Naruto. Minato landed in front of Naruto and glared at Pain. "You... I won't forgive you for what you've done." He said clenching his fists.

"Didn't I already tell you that the Akatsuki is my business?" Naruto asked as the five other versions of Pain lunged towards Minato who had his custom kunai in his mouth.

"Get out of my way... the one we want-"

"Is me!" Naruto cut in smashing one of the Pain's onto the ground. It's body broke into pieces, metal parts and the sort flew all over the place. "Get out of here, Minato." Naruto growled looking at the Fourth Hokage.

"Let's settle this, big brother Pain." Naruto said taking a deep breath. "Jiraiya take him to safety. I'm going to give him a piece of my mind when I've settled things here."

Jiraiya nodded and grabbed Minato, running away from the battlefield.

Once they were long gone, Naruto and Pain stood still. The remaining version of Pain surrounded Naruto. The blonde cracked his knuckles as well as his neck, "good we will no longer be distracted." Naruto said.

"Summoning Jutsu!"

With a huge explosion of smoke, a giant rhino that possessed the same eyes as Pain came charging through the smoke and towards Naruto. The blonde stood in place, waiting for the rhino to come closer.

Naruto grabbed the rhino's horn. His feet firmly planted on the ground, the force of the rhino made the ground break under his feet. With all hi strength Naruto heaved the rhino up and threw him high up into the air.

Two more summons came charging towards Naruto who had summoned two clones. Each appearing on his side. His clones both formed Rasengans bigger than Minato had ever seen in his lifetime. "Rasengan!" Naruto bellowed slamming the Rasengan into the summons stomach.

The other Pain quickly jumped in front and charged towards Naruto. Naruto quickly evaded the attacks that came his way and formed several hand signs. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Naruto spewed out fire towards the Pain who had absorbed the Jutsu.

Kit, he's absorbing the chakra. Kurama exclaimed. Ya' think? Naruto responded rolling his eyes.

A red cloak engulfed Naruto and he appeared in front of Pain, he went for a punch which Pain dodged with ease. Naruto quickly elbowed him on the face and punched him on the gut, hard. The Pain collapsed onto the ground, unconscious.

The other Pain's went for an attack when Naruto threw a smoke bomb in the spot he stood. All but the original Pain stood back unable to sense Naruto in the thick smoke. Where is he? He asled himself, furrowing his eyes.

Naruto appeared from behind, he channelled his chakra to his leg and kicked Pain, his body shattering from the impact of his chakra fuelled kick.

The blonde then disappeared and appeared behind another version of Pain. He thrusted his Rasengan into him, blowing the smoke away and Pain simultaneously. Now, one more copy of Pain remained.

Just when he was about to attack he was struck by wind that sent him up into the air. Naruto spewed out fire and followed through, thrusting his fist onto his gut, smashing it to pieces.

"There... now I don't have to deal with those fakes." Naruto said landing in front of Pain. "Let's get this real fight started."

Sorry guys, I kinda rushed this but I still hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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