the hospital

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The shrill sound of your phone ringing jolts you awake, and you groan softly, slowly opening your eyes

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The shrill sound of your phone ringing jolts you awake, and you groan softly, slowly opening your eyes. You turn over in bed, your mind groggy as you turn over your phone. 3:37 AM. Why is Spencer calling you at 3:37 in the fucking morning?

You groan softly as you unlock your phone, bringing it to your ear. "Spencer? What's going on?" Your voice is raspy, and you wipe the sleep from your eyes.

"Y/n, this is Emily Prentiss, the BAU unit chief."

You immediately sit up, heart hammering against your chest. "Emily? What's wrong with Spencer?"

She hesitates a moment. "We were on our case and he...the unsub shot him."

"Who shot him?"

"The-The target, the bad guy, he shot Spencer."

Fear shoots through your chest, and you swing your legs over your bed. "Where is he? I-I have to see him."

"George Washington University Hospital."

"What wing?"


"Thanks," you say breathily as you hang up, tossing your phone on your bed.

You change quickly, throwing on a pair of sweatpants and a sweater, pulling your Converse on. Heart beating in your chest, you grab your phone off your bed before walking into your living room. You grab your keys and wallet, basically jogging out of your apartment, locking the door behind you before heading to your car.

You peel out of your complex, your mind going at a billion miles an hour. You try not cry as you think of Spencer lying in a fucking hospital, biting the inside of your cheek. You swallow the lump in your throat, thinking about the last conversation you'd had with him. It was yesterday morning—he'd called to say good morning, and the two of you had talked for almost two hours. You missed him, and that was the last thing you had said to him.

You press your foot harder on the gas pedal, speeding up as you make your way to the hospital. You enter the East wing parking lot, parking your car and locking it as you get out. It's so cold out, you can see your breath as you breathe out. You walk into the East wing, scanning the lobby until you see Spencer's team. JJ, Penelope, and Rossi are sitting, the rest of the team standing up. Luke is actually the one to spot you first.

You walk over to him, and he sets his hands on your shoulders. "How is he? Is he o-okay? I-I didn't get any details on the phone, so I—"

"Hey, hey, slow down," Luke says, his voice calm. "He got shot in his abdomen, they took him up for surgery about an hour ago."

"Is he going to be okay?" You whisper, your lower lip trembling. You can feel tears pooling in your eyes, and you blink quickly, trying to push them away.

"He was stable when they took him into surgery. They should be giving us an update soon."

"Okay." Your voice is soft, and you look past Luke to the rest of the team.

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