Suspicious Dad

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After Palak left, Ritwik is daydreaming about Palak. He doesn’t even acknowledge that Kaushal has entered in his cabin. Kaushal notices that Ritwik is starring at one particular thing and he is looking calm and serene. Kaushal snapped his finger in front of Ritwik’s face and he comes out from his dreamland.

“Oh Dad! When did you come?” Saying this he gets up from his seat and move towards couch. He gestures Kaushal to come and sit with him.

“I came just few minutes ago when you are busy in daydreaming.” Kaushal said with a smirk and sit besides Ritwik.

“Main!! Aur vo bhi daydreaming, kuch bhi Dad?” Saying this he chuckles nervously. (Me!!! And that to Daydreaming, Nothing like that Dad!)

“Chal ab, aapne baap se chupayega aur vo ladki kon thi?” ( Come on, now will you hide from your father, by the way who is that girl?)

“Ladkiii-kessi-ladkiii-kon-ladkii?” He stammers and is looking here and there. (Girl-which-girl-who-girl?)

“I was talking about the girl who was in your cabin few minutes ago.”

“Oh! Ms. Palak?”

“Who is Ms. Palak?”

“She is Palak Mehta, daughter of Shekhar Mehta. She is supervising the function.”

“Is this the same girl, who impressed my son by a single presentation?”

“I’m not impressed dad! It’s just that, she had determination in her work which I had never seen in a lady like her particularly in our field.”

“OK, I take that, by the way I’m here for Singhaniya’s project. They are conducting a meeting by today evening.”

“But why today? It was supposed to be day after tomorrow.” Saying this they started discussing about the meeting and project.


When Palak reaches and settled in her place, she notices that there are 4 missed calls of Tani ( her best friend Tanya). She calls her back but Tani rejects the call. She is standing opposite side of door, so she cannot see anyone entering inside. She is muttering something underneath her breath.
“4 missed calls and now rejecting the call when I’m calling? Today she’ll take me to hell with her stupid talks.”

Suddenly she feels two hands on her eyes and she very well know the owner of those hands. She takes the person in her bear hug and said “I missed you”.

“Well, well, I know how much you miss me.”

“I’m sorry Tani”, She said in a baby voice and held Tani’s ears.

“Oh great! You do mistakes and now you are pulling my ears.” Saying this she hits on Palak’s forehead.

“Ouch! Why are you hitting me mad girl?” Saying this she rubbed hands on the area where Tani hits.

“You do such works of being hit.”

“Come on, stop this hitting and all, be seated.”

“Ahaa! Be seated? Accent of formal business lady!”

“Stop your nonsense and come here.”

“By the way I had heard that Mehta’s have merged a contract with Oberio’s. Isn’t it? ”

“Yes, but how did you know? We haven’t done any public announcement?”

“Everyone knows about contract as it is about THE RITWIK OBEROI.”

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