Common Room

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After the day was done Elizabeth was curled up on the chair in the common room with a book in her lap.

The golden trio walked in and Ron quickly went to Elizabeth and sat on the arm of the chair.

"How was your day E?"

"It was good! Snape wasn't too bad and Mcgonagall and Flitwick are kind too! I have Moody tomorrow though with you. How was yours?" She smiled at him after finishing and he sent her one back. He couldn't help but be worried for her.

"It was good as well E." She nodded.

"How was your day Mione? Haz?"

"Good." They replied shortly with a smile. They each were kind of in shock from Snapes kindness towards her but they'd take what they could get.

The quartet quietly chatted amongst themselves while Elizabeth had scooted over on the chair to allow Ron to sit by her.

"There's my Ellie-bear!" Fred announced while running into the common room follow by George from their dorm where he and George had been looking for ways to enter the tournament.

"How was your day?" George asked from behind her as he and Fred stood on either sides of the chair her and Ron were sharing.

"It was good! I missed you guys" She said the last part quietly as she'd always miss her elder brothers.

"Aww we missed you too Lizzie!" George said. They grabbed either of her hands and pulled her out of the chair, dragging her to the dorm while Ron protested and Harry eyes diminished sadly. Hermione smirked at Harry as Ron went chasing after the twins and Elizabeth.

"You like her don't you?" She questioned as they were the only ones in the common room now.

"What?! Oh... uh..." he went to deny it but couldn't based on the look on her face. Oh and the fact that she's always right.

"Yes I do, ever since I saw her at the burrow my 2nd year." He admitted, he wasn't going to deny it but he was a tad worried what Ron would do if he found out.

"You'd be really good together Harry, you should tell her before it's too late." Hermione suggested,

"I will, eventually. I'm worried about Ron and I want her to adjust to school first."

"That makes sense."

With that they continued on with their normal conversation as Ron stayed with Elizabeth and the twins since she wanted to be with some of her brothers.

That night Elizabeth wrote a letter to her parents.

Mum and Dad,

Hello! How are you?

School is good! I've made a new friend other than Harry and Hermione! He's really nice. We already have nicknames for each other. My favorite class so far is potions but I haven't gone through all of my classes yet.

I haven't attempted using my powers yet, I know you'd prefer if they were secret for my own safety. But I'll talk to Dumbledore soon and see if I could get somewhere to practice.

The boys have been helping me a lot along with Harry. I don't know what I'd do without them.

I miss you and I can't wait to see you again!


After she finished the letter she put it on her bedside to send in the morning.

The next morning she woke up fairly early, she was the only one awake so far in her dorm.

She quietly got dressed and did her hair. Then went down to common room and sat on the same chair as yesterday as she found it comforting.

She continued the book from yesterday until someone came down from the boys dorm.

"Bee? Why are you up so early?" Harry questioned while sitting on the couch by the chair she was sitting on.

"Oh hello Haz. I don't know, I'm a little nervous for classes today since there's a lot of people."

"You'll be fine Bee, I'll help you, with Ron and Hermione too."

"Thank you Haz, your the best!" She says while launching him into a hug. He blushed but holds her close.

"Of course Bee."

She moved away after a second and sat next to him on the couch with her legs over his while he had his arms resting on her legs. They there whole chatting about anything and everything. Until more and more students came down to the common room to go to breakfast.

Once Hermione and Ron were ready they went to breakfast together.

The first stopped at the owlry so she could send her letter than they went to breakfast.

Once they walked into the great hall Elizabeth waved to Draco and he smiled and waved back, much to the shock of the people around him.

She was happy. She spent time with Harry this morning got to see her friends, and got to see all her brothers. All while being at a wondrous school.

But even that could not prepare her for the defense against the dark arts lesson or the rest of the year.

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