the dinner

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shoutout to prettyspence for giving me the idea for the last half of this chapter AH

shoutout to prettyspence for giving me the idea for the last half of this chapter AH

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"I'm so proud of you!"

You grin, getting out of your car and kicking it shut before opening your backseat door, grabbing the groceries out of it. "Thanks, Lex. I'm nervous."

"Don't be nervous! You'll be fine. I promise." She's silent for a moment. "What are you and Spencer doing tonight?"

"I am cooking him dinner," you tell her. "I actually just got back from the store."

"What are you making him?" She asks.

You walk up the steps to your apartment, talking as you walk. "Chicken and potatoes. Sounds boring, but I'm roasting the potatoes and they're gonna be so yummy."

Your sister laughs as you unlock your apartment door, and you shut it behind you. "I bet he'll love that."

"I sure hope so," you murmur.

"You really care about him," you sister muses.

"Yes, I do." Your voice is soft, and you set the groceries on the counter.

"He cares about you, too. I saw it when you two were staying here."

You bring your shoulder up, keeping the phone pressed to your ear as you unload the groceries. "I'm very happy. And school is going well this semester, so...I think I'm the happiest I've ever been."

"Good." You can hear the smile in her voice. "Okay, I'm gonna let you go. Go make dinner for your boyfriend."

You laugh softly. "Okay, bubs. I love you."

"Love you, too."

You hang up, sticking your phone in your pocket. You set everything out on the counter before preheating the oven and beginning to work on the chicken. You're only making a few pieces of chicken, and you open the chicken packets before setting each one in a plastic baggie. You take out the meat tenderizer and tenderize the chicken before setting them to the side.

In a pan, you add a little olive oil, letting it heat up before putting the chicken in the pan, adding salt and pepper. You let the outside of the chicken turn golden brown on both sides before transferring it to a pan. To the pan, you add butter, garlic, minced rosemary, and a little chicken broth so the chicken won't dry out as it cooks.

You set the chicken to the side and start on the potatoes. You wash them off, making sure they're not dirty, and patting them dry before cutting them into cubes. Grabbing a sheet pan, you put down some parchment paper before putting the cubed potatoes on the pan. You add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and some thyme.

You stick both pans in the oven, setting the timer on your microwave after shutting the oven door. Right as you start the timer, there's a knock on your door. Smiling to yourself, you cross to the door, opening it to reveal your boyfriend. He's wearing a dark gray button up and some slacks, Converse on his feet. He steps inside your apartment, wrapping his arms around you. He gives you a soft kiss which you return, and you both walk to your kitchen.

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