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hello, so uh yeah im rlly sorry this took so long. and id like to apologize beforehand because this chapter is rlly freaking fracking long. like rlly long lol. i just wanted to hurry up and gt this story moving so this chapter has all five bootcamp days. i promise this next chapter isnt gonna take this long. anyways thanks for clicking my story and being interested in my dr. enjoy :)


  Two weeks later.

  Today is the first day of boot camp. I spent the last two weeks preparing for the week of boot camp, I stayed up for hours just singing. But I wasn't gonna mess this up.

  I grabbed my suitcase and walked out to the living room where my brother and father were at. I have to get on a train that will take me all the way to Wembley Arena. Then from there I have to spend the week in a nearby hotel with some girl named Hailey (i don't think she was an actual contestant here, i think she was just in my dr).

  "Ready, J?" My dad asked as he stood up from the couch and retrieved his keys off the table. I nodded my head and Jaxon grabbed my suitcase from me.

  "Let's do this, baby!" He yelled as he made his way out the door. I laughed and rolled my eyes because of his obnoxiousness. The three of us piled in the car and we drove off towards the train station.

  About 20 minutes later, we had arrived. Jaxon got my suitcase from the trunk of the car and we walked onto the platform. It was already time to board the train, so i took my suitcase and said goodbye to my family.

  "Be safe. And remember you are gonna kill it so stop being so nervous. You got this, J." Jaxon said as he pulled me into a hug.

  "Be careful, don't go around partying every night-"

  "Dad...I don't party."

  "I know, just be safe. And what your brother said, you are gonna be amazing so being so stressed out. You know you got this and we know you got this." My dad said as he pulled me into a hug as well.

  "Bye guys, I love you. Don't have too much fun without me!" I said as I made my way onto the train. I handed the conductor my train ticket and then took my seat. I put in my headphones and played my music, I just stared out the window while quietly singing the lyrics to myself.

  3 hours later, the train stopped and I grabbed my suitcase from the overhead storage and stepped off the train. Now, I just got to figure out how to get there. I saw a taxi so I walked over and the driver placed my suitcase in the trunk. I took a seat in the back and told him to take me to Wembley Arena.

  Not even five minutes later, I had arrived at the arena. It was beautiful. The structure was stunning, I cant believe i'm actually here right now. I mean I thought I make it to boot camp but I didn't at the same time. This whole experience is surreal. I tipped the driver and walked into the arena along with many other contestants.

  "Hello! Welcome to Wembley Arena, name?" I was asked by this nice lady sitting at a table in the entrance.

  "Jordyn Bell." I smiled, she searched this long list of names and then checked mine off. She smiled at me before I walked past the table into the arena. Even the interior was beautiful, majority of it was white.

  "All contestants, place your belongings in this room then head to stage please." I heard someone yell so I did what they said and put my suitcase in the room then headed to the stage.

  As soon I stepped on that stage, I was in awe. It was beautiful and huge. There was already a lot of contestants standing there, maybe 100 something. I stood next to a girl with blonde hair and just looked around at the place. It truly was stunning. Everything I dreamed of.

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