III, mouse trap

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THREE, mouse trap

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THREE, mouse trap

italics — rues narration


"hold on, hold on. you can't be in here right now." athena furrowed her brows and laughed as she walked past fez and into his living room. "okay! i see you, cash money." she eyed the stacks of cash on his table, smiling over at him as she sat down on his couch.

"i just need a sweatshirt or something, it's really cold out. i was walking home," she watched as he frantically walked over to the couch. "i can't help you right now. you gotta go." athena laughed, "fez,"

"yo, for real, athena. i ain't fuckin' playing with you. come on. you can't be in here." he begged, but athena foolishly didn't budge. "look, fez, i'm fucking cold. okay? don't be a dick." she faked pouted.

"oh, my god. that's not my fucking problem. you gotta get up out of my house right now before these motherfuckers come through." she shook her head. "nope, not until you give me a sweatshirt. that's all i need, and i can be gone."

his eyes kept shifting from the front door to her, but she didn't notice. "yo, i'm trying to tell you, i don't got shit right now. like, come back in a few hours, i got you, whatever you need. but right now, you gotta get the fuck up outta my house."

"why am i gonna come back in a few hours for a sweatshirt? i could just walk home then," athena rolled her eyes as she realized fez wasn't going to give her anything anytime soon, standing up as soon as the front doorbell rang.

"i could fucking kill you right now." fez gave her a hard look, before walking over to the backroom where ash was. "yo, ash, they're here." she could hear his muffled voice say. soon, he came back.

"look, i'm serious, athena. just stay right there, keep your mouth shut, and be cool. these dudes ain't fucking around." he pointed to the couch for her to sit back down, which she did.

she watched as fez made his way to the other couch in front of her, lifting his shirt to reveal a gun. he pulled it out and tucked it securely in between the cushions. athena gulped a large lump in her throat, looking around the room anxiously.

now, i'm not gonna lie. that's when she started to get a little scared. i mean, athena's all good with drugs and drug dealers until guns start coming out.

fez let the guys in and soon, a guy with face tattoos and two other guys walked in. they all eyed athena, the guy with tattoos smirked as he made his way over to the couch. "so this your little bitch?" he grinned cockily, sitting next to athena and wrapping his arm over the couch behind her head.

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