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Dana's Point of View

"Cyriel, it's a girl.." i said to him with a smile on my face.

After carrying her for nine months, after enduring all those morning sickness, after the excruciating hours of labor, and after going through all the prejudices thrown at me by the society for being pregnant at an early age, she's finally here.. 

"Can i look at her?" he asked.

"Of course," i said and gave him a look at our baby.

"She's an angel," he said with adoration in his eyes. He adores her.

"Of course, she is," i said and caressed her small face carefully. She really is god sent.. All the efforts i exerted just to have her? It is all worth it. Indeed it is true that the very moment you see your baby, all the pain you went through to have her will mean nothing. 

"What will you name her?" he asked.

I gave him a smile and said, "Alys, Alys Zyril Perez."

He gave me a smile in return, "thank you, Dana," he said.

I raised a brow, "for what?"

"For naming her after me.. I mean, after all that i did, i would totally understand if you will follow her after your name."

I smiled again. At this moment, i don't want to remember what happened months ago. I am happy and i intend to stay that way. 

"You are her father, Cyriel. Nothing would change that fact.."


I cut him, "you just need to be a good father to her, Cyriel. And i assure you, everything would be fine."

He nodded in approval, "sure we will, Dana. Go now and rest, you've been through hell," he commented.

I couldn't agree more. The labor was a torture! I don't think i would be pregnant for the next five years.

"Hell is the right term, Cy," i said then yawned.

"Go to sleep now," he commanded.

I tucked myself inside the comforter Andy brought for me, "yeah, i think i would. How about you? Tulog ka na, you've been waiting for like hours."

"That's the least i could do," he said with that sad look on his face.

"Hey, don't be sad, Cy. I totally understand your situation.."

"But still--"

"No buts, no still. She needs you and i'm fine by myself here. Andy's with me. Don't sweat," i said.

He sighed, "yeah, of course. Andy's there. Say hi to him for me. Sige, good night, Dana."

I yawned again, "good morning, Cyriel."

And with that, i dozed off.


Ynna's Point of View

"Who were you talking to?" i said while still lying on my death bed. The medicine the doctor gave me is kicking in my system, and so i feel weak and limp.

He sat on the side of my bed, "Dana. She just gave birth."

I smiled, "just when i thought she would die while giving birth," i sarcastically said.

Cyriel didn't comment on what i said. I would take it as if he's used to me speaking that way about Dana. It's just how it is, we will never be friends.

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