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Four years later

"Hm where can be my little one, I guess," I said while going towards the toy room of Adrian

Adrian is my and Aaron's three years old son, piece of my heart, Aaron loves to spoil him

I heard a giggle, and I chuckled knowing that now he can't hide more from me

"Got you," I said while wiggling my brows and his eyes widen looking at me

He has the same mesmerizing crystal blue eyes as Aaron, his hair is dark black same like Aaron, his entire face structure is like Aaron, except his lips which are like mine

"Come now, I find you, so as per your promise you have to finish your milkshake," I said while kissing my son in his cheeks and carrying him downstairs towards the dining room

"MooMa, play play," He said to me, he is only three years old but can speak short words

"No baby only, when you will finish your milkshake," I said and place him in the comfortable baby chair of the dining room

He has just finished his half milkshake and his beautiful crystal blue eyes sparkle with mischief and he quickly pulled away from the glass of milkshake and started running, grinning widely at me

"Mo... Maa, play catching-catching I run," He said and started running again,

I rolled my eyes, this boy is very naughty

"Adri, baby run slowly, you will fall," and he again grinned at me and started running across the living room

"How is my boy," Aaron said coming towards in living room, he just wakes up, he is in his sweatpants but half-naked, and Adrian's eyes sparkle with happiness seeing his father

Same to his father's eyes which have pure care, love, and affection for his son

Aaron, cradle Adrian in his arms

"Daddy, play flying," Adrian said while jumping bouncing on his tiptoe

"Okay," Aaron said kissing his forehead and spinning him around and Adrian exclaimed laughing

I smiled seeing my husband and son, how beautiful this moment is with them

"Daddy, you promised we will go in the park," Adrian said to him pouting

Aaron smiled and nodded "of course my boy, dad never breaks his promises, we will go, so today I took the day off, " He said and Adrian's eyes sparkle with happiness, after our kids Aaron's priority is always me and our kids

Adrian runs towards his room, but he is running so fast,

What if my son will fall if he gets hurt then

I felt my chest felt so heavy, gulping down, I quickly looked at Amy and she nodded and accompany him, to take care of him

My son is my life, I can't live without my kids

When they go, I felt Aaron arms around my waist, I smiled and leaned forward towards his hard chest and he kissed my lips

"Aaron move, I have to go to Adrian," I said to him while gently pushing him away

I heard him growling before, I can go he again pulled me towards him

"now, I will compete with our son for the attention of his beautiful mother," he said while coming slowly near me our lips are just inches apart before he can kiss me, we heard a crying sound of the baby

"Aaron," I whisper and ran towards our bedroom where Estell, Aaron, and mine four months baby girl our daughter is crying, she woke up from her sleep

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