Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Naruto vs Pain pt.3

"Capture... complete." Pain said standing tall on a rock, looking at the hue ball of rock that floated high up in the sky.


"Damn it!" Naruto roared.

He grabbed his head as he fell to his knees. "Why!? Peace this peace that!! Bullshit!!!" Naruto roared as tears threatened to form in his eyes. "There's no such thing as peace!"

He let out a cry of pain as his locked memories of the past flooded his mind. The insults, the beatings, the insults, the pain...

"Screw it! Screw them!!!" Naruto roared punching the ground.

The seal on his stomach formed and suddenly a black liquid poured out, he dropped his arms and looked up in a slight daze. He couldn't even hear Kurama's cries as the blonde slowly walked towards his cage.

His hand took hold of the paper that sealed it shut.

"My, my... you've grown so much." An old frail voice chuckled.

A figure grabbed Naruto's hand away from the seal and from Kurama. "Well, I always knew you'd be one knowing who your parents are." He laughed again.

"Thank you, I was in a pinch there," Kurama grinned, "Hiruzen."

"Of course you damn fox." The man known as Hiruzen laughed and turned to Naruto who had finally come to his sense's, his face visibly showed that he was in a state of confusion. "Anyways, Naruto..."

"Who... are you?" Naruto asked.

Kurama could only laugh. "kit this is the guy who saved your parents and sealed me into you, the third Hokage." He said.

"You..?" Naruto trailed and Hiruzen grinned.

"Yep, me!" He laughed.

Naruto curled his hands into a fist and punched the old man hard on the stomach. Hiruzen gasped and clutched his stomach, he coughed and wheezed. "My do you... pack a punch..." He chuckled.

"Why..." Naruto began, his body trembled and tears streamed down his cheeks, "WHY?!"

"I know I have caused you grief sealing that fox in you... but I had to, to save your parents and you." Hiruzen explained.

"Well it would've been better if you hadn't saved them! I'd prefer them dead than alive! They neglected me! The village shunned, abused and ill spoke of me!!!!!" Naruto roared, his heart aching at each mention of what the villagers had done to him.

"I know, I've seen it... but there was a reason behind the neglection," Hiruzen stated and frowned, "as for what villagers had done to you... I'm afraid... there is no reason."

"However... on the day you and your siblings were born, there was a man. Akatsuki to be more specific, he wears a mask." Hiruzen explained and Naruto furrowed his eyebrows.

"Tobi? That guy is that old? Wot?" Naruto asked, question marks floating above his head. "I mean I get he's dangerous.. but what exactly did he do?"

"He controlled me." Kurama answered.

"You can do that?" Naruto asked and both Hiruzen and Kurama nodded.

"Apparently so... and I'm sure he'll come back." Hiruzen stated in a more serious manner.

"Please tell me... tell me why my parents neglected me?" Naruto asked his eyes fixated on the ground, Hiruzen frowned.

"That is not my place to explain, go to Jiraiya if you want to know the reason." Hiruzen said. "Unfortunately I do not have time, I must be going now."

Hiruzen redid Naruto's seal and smiled, he bid the blonde and fox farewell before disappearing. "So, you all good now?" Kurama asked and Naruto nodded.


Pain stared at the ball of rocks, a sudden explosion caught his attention. He's still alive? Pain thought and once the smoke subsided, he spotted Naruto upside down and staring down at him.

Suddenly the rocks began to break and fall apart. Naruto jumped off and landed on the ground, far from the ear where the rocks were falling. "The village... is all the way over there now?" He asked.

Yeah, you and him moved area before he launched that attack. Kurama answered. I see...

"I wonder is she's ok..." Naruto mumbled but then shook his head and looked towards Pain.

"I think it's time we end this, Naruto." Pain said jumping off the rock he stood on. "Now, why did you lose control? Was it because she got hurt?"

Naruto stayed quiet, "if you don't share someone's pain you can never understand them," Pain explained, "but just because you understand doesn't mean you can come to an agreement. That's the truth."

"I'd prefer to speak to the real you, big brother Pain." Naruto said.

Pain looked at Naruto and let out a laugh, "you figured it out? I always knew you were smart." He chuckled and raised his hand, he slashed the air with a black stick.

"Let me speak to him, the real you." Naruto spoke and Pain dashed towards him.

Guess I have no choice, Kurama! Naruto said.

On it. Kurama said and lent Naruto a little of his chakra.

Naruto's hair spiked and his eyes turned red, his whisker marks broadened, his teeth grew into sharp fangs and his nails grew into claws.

Pain thrusted his stick but Naruto grabbed it and kicked him away from him. Pain flew back and collided with a rock, he fell to the ground with a grunt of pain.

Naruto summoned to clones which formed the new version of his Rasengan. One clone stepped back while the other threw a smoke bomb t the ground. Pain watched, carefully looking to see any signs of movement. I will not fall for the same trick. He thought.

Naruto's attack shot out towards him which Pain easily pushed away with his Almighty Push. Suddenly, another version of the attack came flying towards him. Five seconds kit!! Kurama yelled.

I know! Naruto yelled back.

Two clone appeared beside Pain and attempted to attack him, Pain growled and threw black sticks at them, immediately making them disappear. Naruto's attack sliced through several rocks before it finally blew up.

Four seconds...

That's three, it's over! Pain thought.

Suddenly the surrounding rocks blew into several puffs of smoke revealing thousands of Naruto's clones that dashed towards him. Pain raised his arms and with a roar a force repelled all his clones, making them disappear.

Naruto was supported by several of his clones and once Pain's attack died down only two survived. A clone formed a blue orb. "Sorry Pain! But I'm gonna let myself be taken by the likes of you!" Naruto growled as he was thrusted towards Pain.


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