Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Loss of Another

The attack sent Pain flying through several rocks while Naruto collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily. He slowly forced himself up and walked towards Pain, he pulled out the piercings all over his arms and frowned.

Now I just gotta find the real him. Naruto thought and closed his eyes. He formed several clones which scattered in several directions, each stationed themselves at a radium of six kilometres away from each other and concentrated.

Not long after they clones scattered a clone found a disturbance in an area and all the clones, except for that clone disappeared. Wow that worked? Kurama asked. Yep and I don't even know how, even though they're my clones... Naruto said and took off to where the clone was.

He soon arrived at a giant tree that perfectly fit in the environment, but even Naruto could tell it did not belong there. He touched the tree and pulled it aside, revealing Konan and a man he assumed was Pain.

"Hello... Naruto.." Pain coughed.

"Naruto..." Konan muttered.

The blonde looked at the both of them, his eyes only showing pain. "Big brother Pain... big sister Konan..." Naruto said. "I came here to talk and to see how I would feel seeing you, the person who took me in..."

Pain stayed quiet for a moment and finally spoke, "and? How do you feel?" He asked.

Naruto clutched his chest, "I don't know..." Naruto answered. "I don't know, I feel sad yet angry... I just feel all these emotions it hurts..."

Konan frowned, "we are truly sorry... Naruto..." Konan said.

It was the first time Naruto had ever heard Konan speak in such a formal way, his expression saddened and so did theirs. Both Pain and Konan knew that the boy that they once knew was no longer there, but even so, they felt happy and proud.

"I guess forgiveness can't come easy to me..." Naruto said as he clenched his fists, tears blurred his vision and he bit his lip trying to hold in his sobs.

"Naruto..." Pain began and Naruto hummed in response, "have you made friends?"

"Yeah..." The blonde trembled as he bowed his head.

"Do you have a home?"


"Do you love that girl?"


Pain sighed, relieved and smiled. "I'm glad then..." He said and Naruto raised his head.

"Continue to be happy Naruto, be happy to the very end." Konan said.

Naruto was ready, ready to attack; to end it all. He was ready to kill the person who had taken him in and gave him a real family, a real home. He raised his head and tried to move but found himself unable.

He let out a laugh and tears streamed down his cheeks, "I knew it..." He said and sobbed, "I can't..."

Pain frowned and motioned for Naruto to come to him, Naruto did so while whipping away his tears that wouldn't stop. Pain lifted his arms and patted him on the head, "you've always been a kind hearted boy..." Pain said and smiled, "even if you turn to the right path, even if you keep killing us, even if you despise us... we will always be your family." Pain said.

He formed a hand sign, "Heretical Rebirth Cycle!" Pain said.

Konan's eye widened, "Nagato no-!"

"It's alright Konan..." Nagato smiled warmly at her. "Heretic's Path..."

"W-What's happening? Pain what are you doing-?"

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