Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Fool, ya' fool!

It had been sometime since Naruto wandered about in the forest. He senselessly walked in a slow, pace. His body ached at every step and felt heavy, very heavy and his breath was short.

His expression remained blank; lifeless.

Kurama remained silent, he hadn't said anything since the fight against Pain. He couldn't bring himself to talk some sense to Naruto, he felt like it would be a bad thing, so he stayed quiet.

Before any of them could comprehend Naruto's state, his exhaustion finally got to him and he collapsed on the ground, darkness consuming the blond haired boy.


Naruto's eye's shot wide open, to only close them from the light. He groaned and covered his eyes as he slowly sat up, immediately feeling the soreness from his wounds which had been wrapped up in bandages. What happened...? He asked himself as he looked around.

"Ah the boy is finally awake." A gruff voice said from the door of the room. Naruto turned his head and was met by a man.

"Uh... hi...?" Naruto let out, still in a state of confusion.

The man spoke in a rather way, something even Naruto wasn't sure. It was a mixture of singing yet talking.

"Who are you?" Naruto finally asked.

"The name's Killer Bee, fool ya' fool!" He smiled as he folded his arms and walked towards Naruto. "Ya' been asleep for three weeks, found ya' sleepin' soundly on the ground."

"T-Three weeks?!" Naruto exclaimed.

"That's right, ya' Kumogakure now, fool ya' fool!" Killer Bee said with a grin. "Now, tell me who you are."

"Naruto... just Naruto." The blonde answered.

"Naruto eh? Quiet an interesting name you have there." Killer Bee said.

There was a short silence when Naruto finally decided to break it, "what happened while I was out?" He asked facing Killer Bee.

"My brother, the Raikage, went to the Kage Summit a few days ago. There was an attack from the Akatsuki, called himself Madara." Bee explained.

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows at the unfamiliar name, "Madara?" He asked, "last I checked there was no Akatsuki member that had the name 'Madara'."

"You know the Akatsuki?" Killer Bee asked getting alerted of the blonde's presence.

"Yeah..." Naruto answered, his expression saddening.

Killer Bee noticed this, despite Naruto's efforts to hide it. "Why the sad face, foo ya' fool?" He asked, not realizing he had hit a sore spot in Naruto.

"They... raised me, actually..." Naruto blurted out, "despite the fact that I am a Jinchuriki, they still raised me. But they used me, however, still felt remorse towards me..."

Killer was about to open his mouth but then closed it, his tailed-beast had told him to do so. To listen to his story, knowing that the boy had been through so much pain despite his age.

"They had accepted me as family, they gave me a home, they raised me... and used me..." tears streamed down Naruto's cheeks without him even noticing, "I thought that... if I killed them... I'd feel better... but it wasn't that at all... in fact I feel like I hurt myself just by killing them..."

Killer Bee stood up, "you said you're a Jinchuriki, right?" He asked.

Naruto whipped away his tears and nodded. "I'm Killer Bee, Jinchuriki, host of the eight tailed-beast." He said.

"Y-You're a tailed-beast too?" Naruto asked and he nodded.

"My tailed-beast and I get along pretty well, and he instantly knew something was up when we found you in the forest." Killer Bee explained. "Lemme guess, havin' trouble keeping control?"

Naruto slowly nodded and Killer Bee nodded, "great come with me, I'm gonna teach ya' how to." Killer Bee said. "Oh and you better be able to keep up, fool ya' fool!"

"Don't underestimate me, pops!" Naruto grinned and ran off, after Killer Bee to some part of Kumogakure.


The duo had arrived at a great waterfall, something Naruto had never seen before. "Holy... that's cool." Naruto said and watched as Killer Bee approached the waterfall.

"Sit here and, meditate." Killer Bee ordered.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and approached the little bit land on the water in front of the waterfall. He sat down, cross legged and closed his eyes.

"Well, if it ain't me." A voice said.

Naruto opened his eyes and saw a figure in front of him, his eyes widened, realizing who it was. "Me...?" Naruto let out in confusion. "Why? What the hell is going on?" Naruto asked.

"You know very well what's going on." Dark Naruto stated, his red eyes glaring at him, a wide grin forming on his face. "My do I look pathetic, to think I'd grown to be so pathetic, unlike me... I can crush whatever and whoever I want without hesitation!"

"But you..." Dark Naruto said, glaring at Naruto, "you mourn for people? You fell in love? You actually made friends?"

Dark Naruto laughed, "pathetic little shit!" He growled.

"Hah!? Who you callin' pathetic? You're the pathetic one!" Naruto growled. "My friends and Akatsuki gave me strength thanks very much! Each one of them believe in me, trust me!"

"Even through betrayal? Please! I for one know that you hate them to the core!!" Dark Naruto spat.

"Say whatever you want, but you heard from Nagato... they are my family! Through betrayal and hell!" Naruto retorted. "I'll believe those words till I die."

"Then die, right here right now!!" Dark Naruto dashed towards Naruto who stood in place. Dark Naruto was only centimetres away from punching his brains out when, suddenly, Naruto opened his arms and hugged him.

"Family is family... you know that they didn't want things to turn out like that." Naruto said with a sad smile. "Even if I die, I'll always see them as my one and only family. Nothing can change that, not even you..."

Dark Naruto stood in place, shock visible on his face. His eye reverted back to blue and slowly he faded away. Naruto stood in place and looked up at the sky as if saying a thanks to his family that watched him from above, or in hell. He didn't know which one.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and looked at Killer Bee with a grin.

Killer Bee returned the grin and walked towards the waterfall. "This way, yo." He said and walked through the waterfall.

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