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-Third POV-

After their little date; Y/n realised something. She liked Inumaki.

She was so oblivious of her feelings. Everytime he'd walk by her; or everytime he'd brush her hair away; everytime in his presence she felt euphoric.

At first she thought he was attractive- like his lavender orbs were too beautiful to resist. How his platinum hair swayed everytime he walked. He was really gorgeous.

But then; she got to know more about him. How he'd write in his little book to communicate, she found it cute. Or how his right eyebrow would twitch when he lied. Everything about him was adorable.

His personality too. He was really sweet. Never did he complain about anything; he just accepted it and tried to do something about it.

It's been a week since their date; after kissing him on the cheek; she went to her dorm room and shut the door as hard as she could. Covering her blush with hands and popping down on the floor. She didn't regret what she did.
She regretted the fact that it wasn't on his lips.

Dismissing the thoughts; she realised.

She liked him.

She really liked him.


Falling in love isn't in Y/n's forte, she usually can be very emotional detached. So, she was very oblivious of her feelings towards him.

She doesn't know anyone she could consult with but Gojou. The worst choice but she somehow had to.
Her parents were dead; she really didn't have much of a choice.

She walked in his room; slamming the door and making his posters and figurines of girls in bikini fall down. She came in as if she was gonna murder him; with that sour expression.
His smiling face was now one of that filled with fear.

"Y-y/n.. I didn't do anything, did I? I s-swear I didn't e-eat your ice cream. It was M-megumi." He explained with his hands crossed and protecting his head.

"No, you didn't do anythin- wait Megumi ate my fucking ice cream? It was you wasn't it? I swear to god sensei." She had a murderous look on her pale face. But deciding to push away he weird blabbering of her teacher; she continued.

"I h-have something to say. I kinda l-like Inumaki.." After saying that a gust of wind and deris flew by. Gojou didn't say anything.

after about staring at her for 45 seconds; he brust out into laughter.
"pffft hahahah.. Y-y/n.. what did you say? hahaha. I'm sorry wait. Phew."

He composed himself because he felt bad as the girl never felt anything as such. Falling in love was a new concept to her; he knew that well.

Whenever he'd pat her head or give her a friendly shoulder pat she'd be confused. Skinship wasn't something she knew or acted on.

He knew the moment she held Inumaki's hand that she liked him. And he thought she was aware but to think that she's actually this dense was funny.

"h-hey! d-dont go on t-telling people. Also.. I uhm.. I don't know." Y/n plopping down next to him.
"Well are you gonna confess to him?"
Gojou asked with sparkles.

"I- uhm; I don't know if he likes me. Plus, how do I even confess?" She asked in deep thought.
Gojou had to resist the urge to ruffle her hair because she looked so cute in thought. It was like a spear in his heart.

"Ahem. well; he maybe likes you and you just have to kiss him. That's how people confess, yes. Yes. they kiss the person they like." He said trying to lead her even though he knew he was just making fun of them.

"I may be stupid but I'm not gonna do what you say." She pouted. Gojou at this point was having a heart attack at his daughter figure.

Since she was seven he's know her. He even insisted on her calling him her dad. When she was about eight; he was about her to sleep, before falling asleep she said
"I love you dad."

Gojou lost his sanity. He asked her everyday to call him dad but she'd end up calling him dad when she was sleepy or in sleep.
But he took what he was offered.

"I think I'll go to Maki. She's rational. Thanks for nothing; dad."
With that she left him surprised.
He wasn't gonna lie; after introducing her to the jujutsu students; she's gotten soft. But this was new.
His lips could only curl into a smile. He really wanted what's best for her.

"Maki I wanted to-" she cut herself off because of the sight in from of her.

Inumaki was under the cherry blossom with panda and a dog in his lap. He was so soft with it too. Occassionally petting it's fur. Her E/c orbs were filled with the things unfolding in front of her.

It was beautiful. The one she liked; right there- with petals falling down on and around him. He looked so peaceful. The beautiful tangerine coated sky, bringing out that sun kissed glow on him.
She felt contented just by looking at him. She wanted to confess her liking.

But she couldn't.

She didn't like him anymore.

She loved him.

With that she left to her room. Thinking about what will happen with her newly discovered feeling.


-to be continued.


if I make a haikyuu boyfriend scenario would y'all read it?

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