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  • Crimson Gold
    48.3K 1.1K 25

    My name is Ryan Mercer. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist. I'm all of these things. 10 years ago, they took me and turned me into what I am today. Now I hunt; I kill; I consume; I become. I am what I was made to be, what I chose to be. This is my story. There are many monsters in the world. So what happens...

  • The Son of Sparta returns (Son of the Ghost of Sparta Season 2)
    91K 1.9K 25

    If you guys are new here, Then you should read the first story if you want catch up Click Here to Read >>

    Completed   Mature
  • Female Kratos X Male Saiyan Reader: The Saiyan of Greece
    65.3K 984 8

    (Y/N). A name that would have much recognition from others in time. But for now, you just seemed like the average human being that lived in Greece. But the thing was, you actually weren't. You see, unbeknownst to others, you were a Saiyan. A Saiyan was a warrior race that had extraordinary power along with the poten...

  • The Spectacular Spider-Man || Male Reader
    12.6K 536 20

    After being gifted unnatural powers, Y/N L/N becomes Spider-Man. Being tasked with protecting New York while you're still doing homework is a tough task. But will Y/N come out on top? Or intoxicated by love?

  • The king of Darkness
    26.7K 705 19

    Oryx, the god king of the hive and the first navigator. most powerful of the hive now finds himself within a reality much much different from his own. a world of the supernatural where devils, angels, and fallen Angels roam the land and where beings called "gods" are supposed to be walking the earthly plane along side...

  • The Taken King in the World of Anime (Son of Oryx x Anime Crossover)
    7.8K 173 9

    This is the story of Y/N L/N, son of Oryx the Taken King and a human Guardian. His parents are murdered by his uncle Crota and he is on the run from Crota's forces and other beings. While Y/N is looking for his uncle Nokris, he finds a portal that sends him to another world. Now he tries to live in this new world whil...

  • Esdeath x male reader lemon
    31.4K 203 10

    Your just a regular citizen in a capital when you enters a tournament and your life changed forever will you save her or will she die it's up to you

  • It Came From The Stars: A RWBY x Dead Space story
    2.1K 19 3

    After an incident aboard the USG Ishimura, commander Pax's escape pod crashes on an unknown planet. With half of Remnant after him, he must pick a side. And everyones fate will depend on his choice.

  • RWBY Harem x Male Reader
    394K 4.3K 63

    A 14 year old Fox Faunus who is attending to Beacon with girls that he will meet along the way in his Journey. So Enjoy the Harem! P.S. I don't own RWBY it all belongs to RoosterTeeth so please don't sue me I'm really poor. Also if anybody made this story similar to mine I promise I did not steal your idea I thought...

  • Glynda X Reader
    132K 1.9K 12

    (Y/N) is not the most popular student at Beacon Academy. Whether it be his statues as the only one-man team in school, his lower than average self-esteem, his less then perfect physical appearance, or his higher than average intelligence he doesn't seem to be get along to well with many people. Though for some odd rea...

  • Just Some Lemons (18+ Obviously...)
    162K 791 7

    Things get a little spicy up in this book!!!!!

  • (18+) A Remnant's Love
    218K 2.7K 21

    Prince of Menagerie x RWBY Harem What happens when you're the strongest Prince in all of remnant, let alone a Faunus. This is a story of a young boy with a massive harem.

  • More Than A Breach [Female Animatronic's x Male Reader Lemon Book]
    52.2K 1.4K 4

    A Fnaf lemon book based on Security Breach where the animatronics are female and you're the unlucky guy locked in Freeda Fazbear's Mega PizzaPlex.

  • Silver Dragon Emperor
    107K 1.1K 35

    As the Great War raged on two dragons decided to fight in the middle of the battle grounds and killed anyone that got in their way. However the three factions called a temporary truce to deal with the scaly distractions and that they did by turning them into sacred gears. But when news of their loss spread and reached...

  • The Forgotten Dragon - Highschool DxD FanFiction
    78.2K 693 83

    Yuki Gremory is my name. I am a half fallen angel and half human, or at least I was. I became adopted into the Gremory family after Rias' father found out my powers and what had happened between me and a fallen angel clan. I am now part devil as well. I recently came back from training and decided to go to Kuoh to tal...

    936 13 7

    in this universe John harrell has to fight bio weapons and other monsters, from raccon city, a village, africa, and china

  • I AM CARNAGE ( Slow updates )
    43.5K 887 32

    What happens if Cletus Cassidy died leaving carnage all alone since venom killed him. Before getting sucked up into a portal but suddenly stumbled upon a beaten and bruise boy in a park that had 4 people surrounding him...... ( connected to high school DxD universe ) ( story is fast pace )

  • It took over a 1000 years To find you
    48.7K 1.6K 31

    Tanya denali Has been looking for her mate for over 1800 years What happens when she finally Finds them Read to find out A Tanya denali Mate fanfiction Also I don't own twilight I am just a fan

  • Tanya Denali's mate.
    41.2K 1.3K 27

    You are a nomad vampire who is travelling with Garett and help the Cullen's when Rosalie and Emmett ask for help. You become Tanya's mate. What happens with the Volturi? (Not great at summary's sorry lol)

  • Crysis reader nanosuit x RWBY
    9.6K 167 14

    A man named Y/N Rose/Barnes was abused and neglected his entire life, and then a man named Laurence Barnes gives him the nanosuit. Will he forgive his family and continue to save the world from grimm and ceph?

  • New Red Dragon Emperor
    29.5K 376 8

    Vali finally wins and kills Issei in a battle to death which ultimately ended with Issei's death, which was heard throughout the supernatural world, many were devastated while some are happy meanwhile Ddraig needs a new host so he finds another boy in Kuoh with potential little did he know that soon, that boy will bec...

  • LET ER RIP!! (RWBY Harem x Betrayed Raiden Male reader)
    23.8K 421 6

    Y/n Lighting Bolt was once a student of Beacon who was skilled. However everything changed when he was betrayed and left for dead. Now with a upgraded body Y/n seeks vengeance of those who wronged him with a old name. Jack the Ripper

  • The Spartans on Remnant (Halo X RWBY)
    37.1K 411 24

    Two UNSC Spartans have crash landed on an unknown planet outside UNSC space onboard the wreck of the UNSC Winters Edge, a heavily damaged Charon class light frigate. After awaking from the crash they find that the ship crash is being investigated by four Teenage girls who attend a combat school known as Beacon Academy...

  • my tired Romance (midnight x male reader)
    60.7K 462 16

    y/n l/n is a ambitious kid with a pretty unique quirk that could potentially make him the next symbol of peice. I dont own my hero acedamia or the videoes and pictures shown.

  • The Alpha (Crossovers x male oc)
    5.5K 38 10

    What is a alpha is it the beginning, the leader, someone who is dominate well the answer is yes, and your about to go on a adventure with the alpha male of his time did I mention he is very much in control.

  • Knights Of Sparda
    38.4K 375 6

    Sparda the great demon that betrayed his own kind to protect humans.But enough of him.Now we focus on (y/n) sparda son of dante sparda and bayonetta.After defeating vergil and stopping the invasion.We follow him and his cousin nero to a job which involves them going to kuoh.But what they didn't expect is meeting a cer...

  • Mia Winters X Male Reader
    717 15 2

    You Got Lost In The Swamps Your Phone was Out of Energy and You was Completely Alone But Then You Found That House and After you Walked Inside your Life Cahnged Forever

  • Badass Incarnate In Mortal Kombat
    1K 27 1

    After the Doom Slayer had defeated The Dark Lord, instead of falling into a comatose state and being sealed away for the next time he's needed, he comes across a portal. When he walks through it, he sees that he's in Hell, just not the one he knows. After searching around, he has come to learn the name of this new Hel...

  • Venom Squad
    2.5K 56 3

    Y/n L/n lived a normal life until he met Venom and became a Anti-Hero, the justice league want to hunt him down but Amanda Waller caught interest in him and recruit him into the Suicide squad