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  • Life of a Panzer
    7.8K 172 14

    the world where a tank have it's own minds It's World War 2, and Germany have a new plan, what if...they build an AI? the generals find this idea very unlikely but Hitler insist on building a Tank with a AI on it. soon enough Krupp and Porsche worked together to make a new tank called Pz.IV AI1 which is meant to be a...

  • Lost Souls (Chara x Frisk)
    55K 1.3K 17

    Falling into a world, where monsters only care about killing all humans, Frisk has to try and escape. But with barely any friends, and with each death comes a new flower growing on them, they find that this wish is much more difficult than they thought. But, what happens when their determination becomes to much for on...

  • The Lone Courier
    70.9K 970 47

    There is only one ultimate rule in war- SURVIVE UNS Courier, the lone sole survivor of his admiral fleet from a war long ago was suddenly transported to the world of Azur Lane. Where a similar threat was prevalent as ever, and there is a rift within Azur Lane with the Crimson Axis. Will this lone carrier be able to s...

  • Azur Lane:A Bunny's Brother
    100K 1.2K 28

    The world is in peril from the appearance of the sirens,a race from a different dimension,to counter the threat,humanity constructed the shipgirls with the help of the wisdom cube,but with the reappearance of a thought to be lost Destroyer,the story of a war torn world will see new heights

  • Girls und Panzer-The Accident
    39.4K 365 21

    After an accident in the finals, Maho decides to transfer to ooarai so she can be with her sister P.S. Sorry for misspelling and grammar mistakes.