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  • [Boboiboy x Twin Siblings New Life] The Kind Mysterious Guys (English Version)
    390 28 2

    Boboiboy, for some reason, is sent to another world with the mission of protecting Arien and Arjen, and helping them open their hearts to the royal family more, clearing all misunderstandings under a mysterious identity that only he and a few people know. What will his life be like? Can he complete the quest and retur...

  • Rewind
    187 27 4

    Nine year old Midoriya Izuku disappeared after getting caught in the middle of crossfire between an unknown Villain and a new Hero. The police looked for the missing kid for an entire week, but to no avail, Izuku was gone and had left no trail behind. Until he appeared on his bed one night, as if nothing had happene...

  • Boboiboy In A Whole New World
    816 57 3

    This picture is not mine Boboiboy is also not mine, i just borrow it This book happened after BBBM2 Warning there's typo everywhere After his battle with Retak'ka Boboiboy was poison and wake up in another world what adventure awaits our beloved boy? Let's find out in this book

  • BNHA X Boboiboy Crossover
    19.1K 494 15

    this is my first story and sorry for the bad grammar • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Warning : I don't own BNHA and Boboiboy if you confused watch the anime, series, and movie

  • Crossover : Boboiboy x BNHA (On The Rewrite Progress)
    39.9K 357 5

    This life has many unexpected twist, like one time when i chase after a robot to find that some alien planing to take over earth, making me and my friends get power and start being superhero or that time when the legendary master of all Elementals come to steal his power back from me. But this time its different, beca...

  • Tensei Shitara Yosei Datta Ken!
    230 20 4

    Kyousei Mikumo never had what was considered a 'normal' family, he was always treated as an outcast. The smallest of things he do would grant him an unpleasant experience. One day after coming home from school while thinking about his (sh*tty) life he was crossing the road when suddenly a truck came from the opposite...

  • Just A Second Chance
    937 87 10

    A second chance for they whom betrayed by everyone he cares about. A second chance for those who willingly sacrificed themselves to save others. A second chance for those who want to save others more than themselves. And a second chance for people who are looking for a real family. An unexpected second chance for the...

  • Parallel Encounter
    3.6K 33 1

    How did you feel when you accidently trapped in a pararel world, meeting you're self from there, but not just one individual but eight different person? Enjoy~ all character here is not mine to have, they belong to their official makers

  • Once a Bat Always a Bat
    97 26 7

    Long story short Izuku is Richard (Dick) Grayson who accidently sent to Pre-Quirk era and adopted by Grayson couple and later by Bruce Wayne. Can I make it be any more obvious ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌