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  • The shredding of Beacon
    5.1K 114 3

    Everything was going so well, he had a team, he had friends,he was improving but his family had other plans and had him expelled and replaced and with help of the vale council blacklisted with nowhere else to go he remembers a story of a branch of the family that was discarded and left to rot..... soon all those who...

  • Shonen jumper! (Gamer Jaune X Shonen jump)
    48.2K 1.5K 25

    After Cardin Exposed Jaune's False Transcripts to the whole School Jaune was left alone and Abanndoned by his 'Friends' and 'Family' but on a weeks break Jaune wakes up to a strange window Infront of his face, that gave him the powers of a Gamer and a Shonen Protagonist! can Renment take on the Powers of People who ca...

  • The Determined Huntsman
    182K 3.8K 43

    Everyone has a breaking point, people will try their best to control themselves, from losing their sanity, however once might give in, once in a while, to show that they are not to be messed with., Jaune Arc, or just Jaune, was once a boy that was filled with hope, love and a desire to become a hero, but everything ch...

  • The Yellow Flash Hunter
    15.7K 341 6

    A boy going from a huntsman to a hunter (Another Jaune betrayal story requested by scorch1000)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Flamingo Arc II
    25.1K 784 7

    Once the son of the Arc Family, he is now a well-known businessman and fashion designer worldwide. Once called Jaune, now called Doflamingo will rise to an even greater height. It's time for the Kingdom of Vale, to have its King. No one will stop him, whether it's Ozpin and Beacon students, the criminals of Vale, or e...

  • RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry (Old)
    583K 6.4K 86

    After the events of Volume 1 of RWBY, a mysterious force that in no way was caused by Yang breaking a form of rare dust ends up spitting Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren, out into the downstairs living room of a Wattpad writer who's been rather lackluster as of late, and a Devil May Cry fan. Deciding to...

  • a new journey (persona User Jaune)
    45.8K 506 11

    Kicked out of Beacon after Cardin exposed his transcripts, Jaune is forced to move to Inaba with is Uncle and Cousin for the next year. but a year later he returns with a new look, new weapon and a power, the Power of Persona. Persona 4 is owned by Atlas RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth and Monty Oum I do not own any of...

  • Jaune Arc, the betrayed Gamer
    47.8K 330 12

    Jaune had just saved Cardin from an Ursa, but instead of a thank you, he got betrayed. His so called Friends had betrayed and left him, and his family has disowned him. Jaune was then chosen by the Elder Gods, the beings who truly created Remnant and the two brothers. they had blessed Jaune with the gamer ability to b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jaune Arc, the betrayed gamer (rewrite)
    206K 2.6K 45

    it is a rewrite of my previous one, Jaune has been betrayed and now with new and powerful abilities; let's see how he takes Remnant and more importantly his betrayal. Jaune is now the champion of the elder gods. elements from reality, anime, video games, and fantasy. most chapters will be a copy and paste with some to...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Jaune Arc Multiverse
    305K 2.5K 36

    I've read quite a few of RWBY Reacts and decided to do one as well. I hope I get the characters right And I do hope you all enjoy, Cya in there! I gotta thank NeoOverhaul for the Cover

  • The Bartender
    14K 219 4

    Jaune hated violence. But damn it, he has the worst anger management anyone has ever seen! And the damage he caused was absolutely unbelievable. His acts of violence cost his family a huge amount of Lien. So, he decides to leave at the age 16 to the chaotic city known as Vale. Disclaimer: I don't own anything all righ...

  • Jaune Arc, King of the Monsters (RWBY x Godzilla Crossover)
    102K 1.2K 9

    Jaune never felt pain, hate and betrayal before. Not until his partner Pyrrha and bully Cardin ratted out his transcripts to the school. Not seeing the point in retaliating, he just dealt with during classes. But waking up in another world, as a different species, after a dust explosion? He never expected this. Now al...

  • Jaune and the Monster Girls
    146K 1.4K 15

    What happens when Jaune is betrayed by everyone and one day he ends up in a world full of monster girls?

    Completed   Mature
  • Jaune Arc the Remnant Ranger (RWBY X Power Rangers )
    19.6K 266 7

    Jaune was abandoned by his friends and school, humiliated enough to face his family he ran away from Vale until he was transported to the dimension of the power rangers. now he has grown stronger and better, with his newfound friends and powers he fights for the good of the people. When he hears about the villains goi...

  • The Arc Of Vacuo
    101K 932 19

    Jaune gets kicked out of beacon and he is then invited to Shade Academy In Vacuo, but he soon learns that its not like vale, is far worse. but can jaune make new friends when his old ones abandoned him? can he be a new leader?

  • The Flamingo Arc Book 1
    244K 4.2K 27

    He hoped that Cardin won't say anything about his transcripts, but he was wrong. Cardin exposed him to the entire school, making everyone including his own team and Team RWBY hate him. He leaves Beacon with emotionless look and went to his family's home. Parent's and his sister's were disappointed, but his Grandfather...

    Completed   Mature
  • RWBY Multiverses
    262K 1.1K 35

    Title pretty much says it all it's the multiverse of RWBY.

  • Police Officer Arc
    136K 1.8K 16

    After Beacon kicked Jaune out, he made his way to Argus. There he lives with his sister and finds his new destiny.

  • The Mad Arc (RWBY x Marvel Crossover)
    161K 1.7K 16

    After suffering pain and ridicule for most of his life, a wayward knight returns home not as a hero, but a man of genocide with a certain golden gauntlet in tow. (Update: Title now displays the fandoms as to not give confusion)

  • Arc's Multiverse
    705K 3.8K 50

    You may ask yourselves: Who is Jaune Arc? Is he the boy behind a shield and sword? Is he the weakling that will become a true warrior? Is he the teen that will rise to become stronger? Or is he a kid that will become a man? You decide who he is, cause I won't decide what is he going to be for you. Anyway, find out for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Multiversity Of Arc [Vol.1]
    249K 1.6K 30

    I finally decided to make it.Prepare for a lot of Pyrrha Clam jams.

    Completed   Mature
  • jaune arc multiverser
    572K 3.7K 42

    a collection of fanfaction stories collected from writers who no longer produce their work. I collected it and changed it a little. WARNING!! I NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS STORY

  • Jaune Warrior of Light or Dark?
    246K 3.2K 46

    Jaune Arc Beacon's worst student and weakest huntsmen in training. It's not all bad for our favorite huntsmen he has friends, people he can count on right? What happens when secrets are spilled how will the choices of those around react. Will our hero fall into darkness or rise and shine in the light. I Do not own RW...

  • Jaune Uchiha
    167K 2.5K 25

    Jaune arc betrayed by his partner, no family, finds himself as a completely different person (going thru a revision and re write)

    Completed   Mature
  • Arc Solutions(Discontinued)
    53.9K 798 23

    Jaune Arc is by far in history as the greatest Scientific Prodigy of his generation even matching the intelligence and work ethics of both Doctor Watts and Polendina combined. However when Jaune attempted to become a huntsmen was quickly sniffed out by Ozpin after Cardin blabbed his mouth, although the Headmaster of S...

    Completed   Mature
  • Arc 10
    64.7K 835 10

    Jaune is kicked out of beacon because of his transcripts and every one- Ruby and Pyrrha turns their back on him, all hope seems lost for the young hero until an alien watch crash-lands on the planet, now with the power of 10 alien heroes Jaune plans to protect Vale in Remnant his way

  • Jaune Arc The Vigilante
    134K 1.6K 16

    after his transcripts for beacon are rejected Jaune decides to head to Vail anyway and become a vigilante,when several students from beacon are hunting him down for his vigilantism will they figure it out and one of them happens to be his own sister (all rights belong to RoosterTeeth)

  • Jaune's Final Fantasy
    142K 1.6K 40

    After Jaune's transcripts had gotten exposed, He was bullied by everyone at Beacon Academy and disowned by his father. After he runs away from Beacon, he gets transported to a world of fantasy and magic, where his life will change.

  • Jaune is OUT
    304K 3K 22

    Betrayed by his friends, disowned by his family, getting kicked out of beacon, and being sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit Jaune has had enough! Meeting a mentor in prison Jaune learns how to survive this cruel world and when he gets out 5 months later he decides to build a new family of people like him the...