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  • Agents On Campus
    57.1K 2.5K 14

    In a private high school off the shores of New Jersey, three students have been murdered. The killer is someone inside the school. Four teenage agents have been training for nearly ten years, anxiously awaiting their first assignment. Finally, their long-awaited assignment shows up. They are sent to go undercover in t...

  • How To Date A Christian Dork: A Helpful Handbook For The Datingly Impaired.
    19.3K 2.1K 16

    "I don't get why people say they fall in love. When I fell, I fell into a whole lot of trouble."-Kayla Adams. ~|~|~ "You tripped me up," I said, wiping strawberry milkshake from my glasses. "Really?" drawled Brett, sarcasm oozing from his words. "So what do you want me to do about it?" "Erm...I don't know...apologis...

  • A City in the Air (A Steampunk Adventure Novel)
    448K 2.6K 4

    **COMPLETE and edited novel is on my profile under CITY IN THE AIR*** Highest rank #1 Steampunk--- In the nation of Corshire, where inventors rule and magic is forbidden, the twin daughters of the country's highest ranking innovator are expected to follow in his magnificent footsteps. Except on act-first-think-later t...

  • Before the Sky Fell
    911K 11.5K 44

    [Featured Story and Wattpad Prize Winner 2014] When Malachi, an exiled murder, activates a magic relic and duplicates his world, he uses his newly found power to win over the Larks, dog-like creatures from the North. Seeking to locate his missing daughter and plot revenge on those responsible for her disappearance, Ma...

  • Why We Sank
    38.9K 2.1K 16

    "You have been sentenced to life in prison. Your ship will leave tomorrow for the island. Gather your things." When you've been decided a criminal, you're a criminal. There are no ifs, ands, or buts; whether you did the crime or not. Courts and juries are no longer used. If the authorities think you've done it, ther...

  • Graveyard Watchman (Book 1)
    859K 49.9K 125

    **Former Wattpad Featured Story** He lifted his eyes to me and I was instantly captivated. He was sheer beauty in his black, hooded cloak. Was he real or just my imagination? It didn't matter. I had to know the mysterious man shrouded all in darkness...

  • Secrets of the Gods
    26.4K 2.2K 21

    There is nothing one can do to escape the inevitable. Even if what is to come might just destroy you. There are simply things in this world that cannot be explained using words known to man. And, while you can change parts of your life, Fate remains the same. Adaline Grey thought she was your average, normal, everyday...

  • Arabella & The Waterhouse Family
    696K 75.3K 38

    Maukah kamu tinggal bersama keluarga yang memiliki kuburan di halaman belakang rumah? Atau makan malam bersama mereka dengan menu otak kelelawar? Jawabannya tentu saja tidak. Tetapi kamu tidak tahu apa yang dirasakan Arabella. Akibat surat wasiat yang ditulis oleh ayahnya, dia terpaksa tinggal bersama keluarga Waterho...

  • How to Fall
    947 44 4

    ❝Not knowing what the future will bring is a part of any journey. Yet life, the journey of life, is unlike any other. Crossroad after crossroad, red light after red light and twist after turn. Nothing is ever as it seems and mistakes are often caused by falling for the hoax of happiness.❞ Basically, it's just a few de...

  • The Catcher's Dreams (FEATURED)
    31.3K 2K 41

    Now Featured! Drake sees glows around people. Pulsing, beating glows. They come like his classmates' shoes or leftover cafeteria food - with different colors, sizes, and smells - but they have one thing in common: Drake can take them away. And once he does, the people go weird. It's difficult to control himself; Drak...

  • The Graveyard Festival
    37.9K 2.7K 10

    Sixteen-year-old Thana sleeps in graveyards and crafts dreams for those who want them. She can create visions so vivid and detailed that they could be real. For the inhabitants of the sleepy town nearby, Thana's dreams are like drugs. When the Graveyard Festival appears in her cemetery in the middle of the night, Than...

  • Heir of Darkness
    3.4K 195 12

    Ebony Winters wasn’t a princess. Nor was she a heroine. She was just a girl from an ordinary village. But when a mysterious old man convinces her to travel through the Forbidden Forest her life is changed forever. She is sent on a mission with a three day deadline to recover a lost prince and help him navigate through...

  • Instability
    316K 20.1K 38

    Ashley became an interrogator to support her family and protect her city from the anarchic Renegades. When Daniel enters her interrogation room, she can't decide whose mind is more corrupted: his or hers. ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ In the year 2130, water is both life and death. Ingesting water contaminated with Renegadea Protozoa can...

  • 90 days to live
    85.1K 3.4K 27

    'My mother used to tell me that life is just a series of battles; it is up to us whether we are brave enough to fight them' Arriving back to Earth, Lara Hall has just completed her conditions. She finds millions of people desiring her attention but she only wants one thing, or more specifically, one person...

  • Call Me Slayer
    293 46 10

    |First book in the Eradonic series| The Brielle family is a long line of assassins, dragon slayers, murderers, and evil-doers. So it shocked Haven Aris Brielle's parents when they found out she was the legendary dragon rider. Now, Haven is running for her life, from her family and from the monsters that lurk in the da...

  • Infinite | Chosen Series book one ❄️
    68.7K 4.2K 19

    Every fifty years, the competition of a lifetime takes place. The Choosing, granting its winners superhuman abilities, gives an experience like no other. But something is off, throwing the balance of the competition up in the air, along with it's competitors. Aria Parker, age sixteen, has been waiting for this her w...

  • Charming In Handcuffs
    12.5M 420K 50

    Boy next door is charming. Boy next door is dangerous. Boy next door is on house arrest. * * * * * They've been neighbors for as long as Juliet can remember. You'd think being neighbors, they would have been friends by now. Not the case. They've been sworn enemies since Jack dumped sand down her shirt in the 1st...

  • Dawn of the Epoch
    2.5M 50.6K 100

    Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted to their work. Neither of them had time for love. Neither of them could resist it when it happened. Neither of them knew that the world would need th...