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  • The 'Slut' Pack
    210K 7.6K 47

    ------Alexandria Rene Summers----- Rejected, by none other than Alpha Kyle Rivera. Alpha of THEE #1 worldwide most powerful pack. She was the top warrior. Yep, as said...was. He found her, had sex with her, and then in front of the WHOLE pack rejected her and banned her... For no reason. No one wants to mess with the...

  • Pregnant With My Alpha's Baby *Slowly Editing*
    633K 16.8K 61

    say that you find your mate and he's hot and your Alpha! Say that he accepts you and your just so happy!. Say that you've fallen for him so hard you even fell under his hand. by that meaning he persuaded you to sleep with him. Your oooh sooo happy and felt so connected with him even more , felt as a whole with him...

  • The unwanted wolf
    5.8K 278 12

    Serena doesn't fit in, in her pack. Everybody laughs at her and makes her feel unwanted. She finally decides that she can't take it any more and runs away. What will happen when she finds a new pack?

  • Royal Meets Rogue
    1M 45.8K 38

    What happens when Royal blood and normal blood collide? With her new witch friend and the Moon Goddess giving her a second chance, what does she do when she finds out her new mate is the King of all werewolves? *Cover by @averysummers*

  • Second Chance
    309K 7.5K 24

    Coralina was the pack warrior and best fighter in the pack. When her mate turns up she falls hopelessly in love with him. Yet that all changes when she finds that he lied and wasn't who he said he was. She runs away and goes to her brother who is the beta of a powerful pack. There she meets the most feared man and wo...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Rejected Your Future Queen
    6.8M 199K 36

    Princess Aphrodite Kingsman is the first women In her generation to take the throne as Queen of Creatures Of The Night which are known as werewolves. She goes with her father to visit all of the packs around the world. He dad wants to keep her identity a secret until the crowning ceremony. Raphael Uriel is the Alpha...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Orphan Mate ✓
    1.2M 38.3K 36

    MATE TRILOGY #1 | Being an orphan at the mere age of sixteen, Lyra Dane, with no place in the pack is faced with an ultimatum; to go Rogue or marry Alpha Gabriel. Although, not mated by destiny, Gabriel is determined to make Lyra his. Meanwhile, Alpha Alexander, leader of the largest pack, believes his existence is s...

  • my alpha mate saved me
    316K 8.1K 26

    cassie white was 10 years old when her mother kassandra white passed away. ever since her mothers death cassie has been abused emotionally and physically by her father the beta of moonlight pack. the only light left in her life is her little brother Keaton who is 5 years old and she tries to protect him and mother him...

    Completed   Mature
  • To Rule the Alpha's Heart
    32.1K 2.3K 31

    [ 18+ WARNING. DARK WEREWOLF x HISTORICAL FANTASY ] Calla Voronín thought she knew her destiny. Marry her village's next leader and become the sacred Seer, a human blessed with the gift of precognition. And yet, when the infamous shifters of the North invade her homeland on the day of her wedding searching for gold, f...

  • Rejected (#JustWriteIt)
    475K 6.2K 10

    #Unedited Hazel Freeman is a normal she wolf, a member of the Blue Lake pack. Her parents loved her to death and she always dreamt about the day she would meet her mate. But when the clocked ticked 12 am, signaling the start of a new day, the alpha's son's birthday, everything went downhill. She found out that she w...

  • Rejected Princess
    1M 42.8K 47

    Davina's soulmate rejects her, but he has no idea she is his future queen. *** Davina Andonov is a werewolf, but she is also an Oracle-blessed by the Moon Goddess to see the future, and has been kept under lock and key her entire life in her family's castle, but whe...

  • Our Photos
    197 9 1

    What if you returned from your honeymoon and you and your spouse can't wait to see your photos. Yet, when you finally get the chance to look at them, you realize that your USB was switched with someone else's. And as you look through them, you see some that have you both in them. Along with other couples who, towards...

  • The Elder's son
    30.8K 2K 24

    Alpha Rogan, is the Head Elder of the Wolf Council's son, who eventually will take his father's place. He has recently returned from being away for a couple of years after hearing the news of his father being attacked by a group of rogues recently and that his chance of survival is slim. Expecting to see the Pack's do...

    Completed   Mature
    84.8K 3.7K 29

    Meadow was sent to finish her Senior year in a small town with her Aunt Tilly and Uncle Martin because her mother can't deal with her and her depression any longer. Meadow keeps to herself and tries hard not to draw any attention to herself. No guy likes her and she has no friends. She feels that the only thing left t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Kiss
    410K 13.1K 22

    Maddie has always been the shy, curvy younger sister of a beautiful and successful older sister who recently has been passed down the torch for their family company who sponsors UFC Fighters. She's 24 years old and has always wanted to take over the company. But her father's WILL said he passed it to her older sister...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wattpad's Best Werewolf Books
    10.5M 47.5K 200

    A list of Wattpad's Best Werewolf Books.

  • Bad Boy || Xavier
    3.1M 83.3K 41

    Highest rank: #51- badboy #12- comedy Being new in a high school is difficult. Being "claimed" by the supposedly "bad boy" was even more difficult. He wouldn't stop- as he said himself. **WARNING THIS BOOK WAS NOT ALWAYS A WEREWOLF BOOK SO IGNORE THE COMMENTS THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE**

  • The alpha and the Lycan
    796K 23.9K 32

    Layla has been searching for her mate for centuries she was the only lycan female alive, it was rare for lycans to find their mate. if they cant find one they would just mark someone and make them as their mate. when layla gives up she decided to move back to her hometown in washinton. will she ever find her mate...

  • Lycanthropy (Lycan Series: #1)
    21.1M 639K 25

    ❝when the sun goes down the beast comes out❞ Highest Ranking: General Fiction #2 // Werewolf: #2 ~ He's the reason werewolves lock their doors. She's the reason that they feel safe around him. Katya is a werewolf who runs the pack with her older brother, but when rogue clans threaten them from all around- they have n...

  • Rejected
    811K 17.1K 42

    Kelly Ruiters is the Beta's daughter of the Blue Moon Pack. She's the nerd at school and gets bullied What happens when her friends drag her to the soon-to-be Alpha's 18th bash and finds out her mate is the soon-to-be Alpha of the Warrior Pack , the most fearless pack in America? What happens when they both drunk and...

  • Rejecting Evangeline | ✓
    869K 17.5K 24

    Meet Evangeline Marie Wisteria - A werewolf who was abused and tortured by her pack, The Moonlight Pack. The rejection of her mate, Alpha Xavier Maxwell Alister, the one who was supposed to love her and save her, was the final straw. Evangeline finds a new pack and creates a new self: she is no longer weak, an omega...

  • Broken & Rejected (Werewolf Romance)
    278K 6.5K 25

    Broken I felt Rejected I was This was because my true mate chose another mate. My fate soon changed when I was found by another Alpha who was also rejected. Can he save me ?

  • The Rejection (OLD VERSION)
    4.4M 102K 33

    Hope was rejected by her mate when she was fourteen. The pain was too much, so she became a rogue and ran away. Three years later, the seventeen-year-old Hope returns to her home pack. During her time away, she broke out of her shy shell while her beauty blossomed. Will she be able to forgive her Alpha mate and put th...

  • A Rejected Princess (Completed)
    18.2M 579K 55

    "I, Alpha Asher Reed, reject you as my mate and Luna." He didn't blink. He didn't show a spark of remorse. He just walked away. ******************************************************************************** Asher Reed. The 19-year old alpha. Like the meaning of his name, he is lucky. Lucky that the Moon Goddess bles...

  • Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten
    11.6M 60.9K 3

    Alpha-to-be Cole Emerson loves his laid back life and will do anything to keep it that way; even if it means rejecting his soul mate. Livy Holden is the quiet girl who keeps her head down and tries to avoid confrontation. On Cole's eighteenth birthday both he and Livy are shocked to discover that they're mates. Reje...

  • My Bestfriends Boyfriend is my Mate.
    81.7K 655 3

    "We shouldn't be doing this." I croaked but god did I want to continue. In denial, I felt his devilish lips crash against my neck, causing a foreign sound to escape my lips. He held me pinned down, his knee between my thighs, pressed against my most private area, not with too much force either. Yet moving in a slow...

  • The Lycan King
    528K 12.7K 37

    The Lycan Series Book #1 Charlotte Ashley Cane goes by Charlie for short is 18 years old and is an omega at the Blue Lake pack which happens to be the fourth largest pack in the world. She has given up hope for finding a mate because of her rank Alpha King Tyler Jedidiah Stone, 20 years old and has recently gone to a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Howl Of Claim | ✓
    3.6M 127K 60

    Story of a Lycan King and a Female Alpha "I am an Alpha, Female Alpha. I have made many enemies only because I am a female. They say that, 'A female cannot rule'. They say, 'When she will find her mate, she will leave the pack to it's doom.' I never cared about what they said, I just moved on. I was going to prove the...

  • Unwanted To Loved √
    306K 8K 30

    Ruby was being beaten by her father, she runs away only to run into her mate. Matt, an Alpha, is a bit of a hard-ass to everyone. Will Matt soften up towards her and will Ruby be able to learn to trust and love the Alpha?

  • Hellbound with you
    1M 33K 47

    [WARNING: THIS NOVEL IS R-18] "I love you, despite the danger signs." Abigail is a beautiful oh-so-innocent lady. She is kind and well mannered but she is terminally ill. She knows she will die soon so before she dies, she wants to fulfill her one and only wish - to fall in love. She wants to experience loving someone...

    Completed   Mature