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  • Guided ✓
    11.5K 1.6K 60

    [a contemporary teen mystery... now available on amazon + ku] When left in charge of a group of girl guides, seventeen-year-old Macey is only thinking of making it through the weekend. But when an innocent camp ends in tragedy, everything in her perfect life starts to spiral out of control. If losing her friends, boyf...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dancing In The Dark ✓
    1.8K 492 50

    It's a week before Eve Hayden's GCSEs when the phone rings. Eden Davis on the other end casually informs her that it's done. The murder of Josh Hartley, Eve's ex boyfriend. And in return she expects Mr Granger, their History teacher, to be dead by their first exam. But Eve hangs up, telling Eden to get a life and to s...

  • Martha ✓
    7.7K 1.1K 68

    [a tense teen mystery set in the 1960s, wattys shortlist 2022] When Ellie was three years old, her two older sisters went missing, kidnapped from outside their primary school. She's used to living in their shadow, over-protected by her paranoid parents and a village full of secrets. But now that she's seventeen, she w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cadie Jackson Is Dead ✓
    2.2K 470 32

    Harvey Chase and Cadie Jackson were meant to live happily ever after. Most high school sweethearts don't work out, but there was no doubt that Harvey and Cadie would. Anyone with eyes could see that they were made for each other and forever was in their grasp. Until Cadie turns up in the town square, covered in blood...

  • Three Ghosts ✓
    1.7K 368 75

    [ a dark, small town mystery full of lies and secrets ] Five years ago, three girls vanished. Lila Russo went first in late October, Mei Cheng following suit in early December and Rose Glengarry completing the set on New Year's Eve. They were never seen again and their fate remains unknown to this day. But Forscyth...

  • Midnight Sherbet ✓
    9.4K 1.5K 66

    [a coming-of-age british lgbt novel, wattys shortlist 2021] Carmel Reeves is the definition of understated. As the sole carer of her terminally ill mother, she doesn't have time for friends or a social life... At nineteen, she's never had a boyfriend, never even had a crush. But that's totally normal for someone like...

  • Confetti Rain
    754 142 19

    [a brand-new teen romance] Swimming is Rosemarie's whole life. That is, until the accident. Guilt-ridden and injured, she now has to learn to live again, but it's nowhere near as easy as anybody makes it out to be. But then she meets Callum: Callum who's annoying and sullen; Callum who she can't make head or tail of;...

  • Tinsel Tears ✓
    7.1K 1K 33

    [a completed lgbt christmas tale, pre-featured with @freethelgbt] Abraham Cane has been in the closet ever since his disastrous "coming out" attempt, seven Christmases ago. But when he meets Patrick, every hang-up he had about being gay goes out of the window. He never bargained on falling in love this Christmas - and...

  • Graceful ✓
    23K 3.3K 59

    [the first book in the 'graceful' series, eight-time featured] Sixteen-year-old Grace has lived in The Valley all her life. Part of a religious cult cut off from the outside world, she puts everything she has into her God and her beliefs. She's never had any reason to doubt the world she lives in. Until now. Influenc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lorelai ✓
    1.9K 334 60

    [ a novel about self love and self discovery ] Lorelai Harper has grown up online. Her parents have filmed weekly videos to post on the Internet for years and Rory has been the star for as long as the channel has existed. But not anymore. Rory has seemingly vanished from the face of the earth, absent in vlogs with he...

  • Half Perfect
    989 198 35

    As the new school year starts Madison Edwards is finally happy. She has good grades, a perfect nearly boyfriend and the most amazing best friend she could ask for. She didn't count on being framed for a murder she didn't commit in the Autumn of 2018. Written in the prospective of the murderer (or the framed) comes a t...

    Completed   Mature