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  • Gone soft for the quiet boy
    28.1K 1.4K 20

    Park Jimin is a quiet boy with abusive parents. He is emotionally hurt and always tries to avoid people. On the other hand, Y/n is a girl who doesn't care about anyone, but has been crushing on Jimin secretly for a long time. What will happen when she witnesses her friends beating him up right in front of her? WARNI...

  • Vampire Next Door [M.YG]
    321K 12.9K 26

    Yang seorin was the bad girl of the school. She always got into fights and she never listened to anything anybody said. She got into a lot more than school fights, she often fought entire gangs just for the fun of it. She has never lost a fight. Everything changes when she goes into a building thought to be haunted, a...

  • Half-human✔️
    111K 4.4K 24

    "I don't care what you are. I will love you no matter what." I whisper into Taehyung's little ear. -- this story is full of chase's, romance, and multiple plot twists. #52 in Hyung #136 in BTSarmy

  • The Seven Greek Gods 2 [BTS x Reader]
    64.9K 2.1K 16

    BTS x Reader Major problems arise for Y/N and the brothers in the sequel of The Seven Greek Gods. "Who will you choose?" If you did not read the first book I recommend reading that first. *Disclaimer* This is a made up story from my own imagination. None of this really happened it is a made up story. I am not responsi...

  • The Preacher's daughter
    2.8M 75.7K 61

    My twin brother and I just moved with my aunt and grandma because of some drama back home. They live in One of those small towns where everyone knows each other. My grandma and Aunt are very religious, they go to bible study and regular services every week. I'm not the religious type but I definitely started to go whe...

  • Stuck With The Mafia
    7M 137K 69

    "I'm going to let go and your not going to scream or try to run, you understand?" He said, his voice was deep and he sounded dangerous I knew I had to listen to him I didn't want to speak so I simply just nodded yes. "Answer in words Ellie" he commands as he slightly removed his hand from my mouth "H-how do y-you k-k...

  • Seven Sins | BTS x Reader
    1.5M 87.5K 53

    Since ancient times, on January 13th of every year, a young human is the Chosen One - descending down sheer endless stairs into the cave where the demons live. The Seven Sins. This year, you have been chosen, and you leave behind your family and all of human kind to once more protect the world from the wrath of the...

  • Say Yes Sir +18 ✅✔️
    3.8M 77K 55

    Sequel of Family Ties (Cover by @_navyblueee_ Second book of the Valentino series Smut Warning🤫🔥 _________ #2 in plot twist "Your not allowed to cum, moan or speak" he said before I felt his fingers over the laced of my underwear. "Do you understand?" he asked and I nod. He raised an eyebrow and I quickly caught...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captive of the Sea
    3.8M 208K 34

    Those who were taken... They never came back, dragged beneath the waves never to return. Their haunting screams were a symbol of their horrific deaths. Like shadows they lay in wait, the deep blue waters hiding them from view. With sharp claws they attack, Pointed fangs tearing into skin, Eager mouths devouring human...

  • Mated to Morpheus
    3.6M 119K 59

    Emery has always been troubled. After struggling to accept the sudden death of her mother, she was forced to depend on her grieving father for both knowledge and guidance. As she battles through her own conflicting feelings of confusion, her family's known resentments, and their hidden distractions, she must learn how...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rule Of Three (Namkook X Reader Fanfic)
    313K 11.6K 21

    As leader of our pack, my father always took particular pride in the fact that his line had always produced strong Alphas and Betas. When I finally presented and it was as an Omega, I felt like the shame of our family. I begged my father not to exclude me from pack business, and he vowed to treat me the same as he a...

  • Slavery (BTS Hybrid x reader)
    911K 43K 81

    Y/n has grown up in the world where it's normal to have hybrids as live in servants. She's grown up with not one but seven of them. But what happens when feelings become more involved as they grow up into adulthood?

    Completed   Mature
  • Part of the Pack
    38.8K 1.7K 27

    Jungkook and Yoongi found an injured girl in the woods and save her. They bring her back to the house. Who is she? Where did she come from? Little did the Bangtan pack know how much this girl was going to affect their pack and their futures...

  • My twin brother🔞《kthxreader》‼[Completed]
    111K 5.1K 41

    "can I love you , can I touch you , can I get you all by myself my beloved brother " she said while he was sleeping on bed soundly . she slowly moved her palm to cup her brother's cheeks . " don't do it " he said while acting like he was sleeping. she became sad more then being in shock and started to get up from the...

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝐃𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐲 𝐏𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧
    4M 98.1K 75

    "Oh yeah?" Silas chuckled as he picked up his pace, going faster and harder and I opened my mouth to catch my breath. To try and keep up with his pace but as I did, Silas placed the gun in my mouth, sliding it down my throat. I gagged when it hit the back of my throat and I started fighting to breath, tears continued...

    Completed   Mature
  • Smoke in Mirrors (MAFIA Book One)
    5.6M 159K 67

    -This book is FREE, and contains bonus chapters- Book One in the MAFIA Series Charlotte meets Luca when everything in her life is starting to come together. She is a confident young artist who just opened an art studio in the center of New York City. When he saves her from an attack one night, everything that she tho...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lucien
    2.8M 84.6K 48

    "I'd suggest you fix that bratty little attitude before I fix it for you over my knee" *** Watching the only world she'd ever known burn around her was one thing... and losing the one person who was tied closest to her since birth was another. Yet both things happened, and scars were left on the mind of Maia who ret...

  • How To Be A Hoe
    14.3M 642K 48

    "Angry sex is the best sex." Just to remind you that playboys have hearts too. winner of The Fiction Awards 2019 as Best Fanfiction and Best Overall story. Highest Ranking: #1 in Fanfiction

    Completed   Mature
  • Fuckboy Next Door || j.jk ✔️
    1.5M 43.1K 46

    "Can you do telekinesis? Because you've made a part of me move without even touching it." @kukujeonx ⚠️WARNING: This book contains swearing, sexual and only for mature people. - I made this around 2019 so obviously, the things i wrote here is cringe since i was not uh sane at that time. However. i do intend to rewrite...

    Completed   Mature
  • Theirs (sequel to ours)
    668K 39.2K 85

    Yoo Y/n was born a half blood. Half human, half vampire. She moves to a new school after her father taking up a new job in the castle just on the outskirts of the city. Y/n is very quiet and pretty much a loner as she believes that something was missing from her life also to the fact no one is to know she is a half b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Online Crush | Taehyung [√]
    3.8M 217K 57

    "This photo is from seven months ago and you heart reacted yesterday" "..." "You're a stalker aren't you?" When a girl finally gets noticed by her online crush but things don't go as they were supposed to. Warnings: social anxiety, toxic characters Highest: 2 in fanfiction! [COMPLETED]

  • Yes Sir (Namjoon Fanfic) ✔
    3.3M 118K 48

    My parents were my world. They worked so hard to raise me, giving me everything I could ever ask for. So when my father became critically ill, my world was thrown upside down. I had gained a scholarship to a university, but I gave that all up without even blinking to find work to support my family. It was like an ans...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Roommate | Jungkook
    4.2M 123K 67

    Jung Eunji is the kind of girl who cares about her studies and always scores excellent grades in every subject. To her, education comes first. Eunji has just finished her studies and is starting her first year of college along with her best friend Minah. Eunji thought she was going to share a room with Minah, instead...

    Completed   Mature
  • Miss Right | BTS SMUT
    6M 136K 121

    "I want you to cum", Jimin murmured into your pussy, the vibrations sending more sensations to your core. You shook your head no, not wanting to lose in this dare nor come undone in front of everyone. Jimin, on the other hand, was determined to have you writhing because of him, so he sped up. "F-fuck! Fuck!", you cri...

  • Enemies With Privileges (Rapmon)
    1.7M 39.9K 29

    "So you two sleep together? " "We have sex. " he said. "Same thing." "Well yeah. " "But you hate eachother? " "Hell yeah. " we said at the same time. I hate him so much I'd kill him in a heartbeat.

  • Vampire's Love || J.JK & K.TH X Y/N
    30.1K 1.1K 40

    "You know I've been addicted to your blood~" *** You were happily living with your parents in your small house. But then one day two vampire take you away from them. You met the vampire king but he didn't like you so you were taken by the other two vampire who were hungry for your love and blood. But some things didn...

  • My psychopathic serial killer [BOOK 1]
    104K 3K 31

    !!!THE THIRD BOOK: REMATCHED IS OUT NOW!!! A hostage falling in love with her kidnapper, a kidnapper falling in love with his hostage. Highest ranks: #2 in btsparkjimin #9 in psychopath #10 in serialkiller DISCLAIMER; This was my first book ever and i was pretty young when i wrote this so please try to ignore the bad...

    Completed   Mature
  • TOUCH || Hyungwonho
    334K 24.2K 43

    "Me falling in love with you was unavoidable. I needed you like the desert needs rain." ✱ Shin Hoseok, a highschool drop out, has three jobs to pay for his life. Chae Hyungwon is a socially awkward and shy kid with family issues. No one could have known how much those two would change each other. ✱ © jungjis started 2...

  • Enslaved By A... Monster? (Monsta X fanfic) Book #1 Monster Series
    226K 7.8K 62

    "Two thousand! Going once! Going twice!" "Five thousand!" Another man bid, by this time, only men were bidding, the ladies seem to have given up. "Going once! Going twice!" "Fifty thousand!" Another man said, this time the crowd went silent and chills run through the room. "Oh my. Oh my. Seems like we have a valued...

    Completed   Mature