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  • Splatoon manga vines/shit
    1.6K 46 14

    NO MORE UPDATES Basically what the title says Contains Cursing (cover is not mine)

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Natural Links (FTWW SuperNatural AU)
    270 9 4

    CallieMacN is a young werewolf. She always wanted to be a high ranking wolf to help her mother out against stray vampires. As she was about to finish her training, an unknown supernatural creature attacks, separating Callie from her friends and family. Callie finds some crystal shards were the monster was attacking...

  • Tactical Turf War (A FTWW Story)
    601 0 6

    Graduation from Woomy Academy can be an exciting thought, however. Not much can prepare you for an all out cephlapod war, that cannot be done alone.

  • Elemental FTWW: The Beginning
    2.9K 75 34

    What happens when each FTWW member have a secret power within them? how will they unlock it? Find out by reading the book! (The art on the cover was made by moi!)

  • splatoon manga headcannons
    4.8K 100 18

    This is a book full of headcannons for the splatoon manga characters. These are my personal headcannons and they may be different to yours, so if you don't like something, that's cool just don't read it. there will be swearing in this book (probably) and typos. cover art is not mine hope you enjoy!!

  • Splatoon manga oneshots
    14.4K 147 7

    Splatoon oneshots! I do x reader's! Will also (try) to do character x character. Will not do lemons, or limes. Will do fluffs though! Sorry, slow updates! Splatoon manga doesn't belong to me. It belong to Sankichi Hinodaya.

  • His smile (Agent 3 x Agent 8)
    42.8K 384 23

    Agents 3 and 8 have just gotten out of deep sea metro and there great friends but a feeling deeper than friendship is bubbling inside both of them will they find a way to make sense of this feeling or go crazy trying

  • Splatoon Manga: CybeRun
    4.3K 236 48

    Inspired by SplatRoad by OliveWaffles6! Edit 9-28-22: Thank you all for 1k views! Kyroad Season 1 Arc 4 (and also the season 1 finale)! Please read the others first! - Is it final exam time? The idols think so. When the squidbeak accidentally break a strange machine found in the underground metro, chaos ensues. They a...

  • Splatoon Manga: NatuRun
    5.1K 249 44

    Inspired by SplatRoad by OliveWaffles6! Edit 10-5-20: thank you all for 1k views! KyRoad Season 1 Arc 3! It's reccommended you read Nightroad first! The squidbeak return from space, and get a bit of a break before all the pollen starts coming in and almost everyone gets hay fever. They simply shrug it off though, as i...

  • Splatoon Manga - Canon Lightroad
    8.5K 146 33

    I got Olive Waffles's permission to post this, and LightRoad is her idea. Despite the fact it is called "Canon" LightRoad, it is not actually what happened. Mysticoral, the one who created this, wanted to make LightRoad "Canon" by swapping out Prince and Emperor with Vintage and Skull. - Edit 8-2-20: thank you for 1k...

  • Splatoon Manga: Stardom
    8.5K 209 45

    Inspired by SplatRoad by OliveWaffles6! Season 1 Arc 2 of KyRoad. This takes place after PortalRoad and ShadowRoad in SplatRoad, but neither of those stories are out yet. Update 3-30-20: thank you all for 1k reads! "What's above the sky, you ask? Why, the stars, and planets, and..." The squidbeak are invited to a show...

  • Splatoon Manga: NightShatter
    5.9K 171 33

    (Please at least read NightRoad before you read this) Edit 2-27-20: thank you all for 1K reads! I really appreciate your support! ^^ - A side story that is only partially canon to KyRoad without much interference. Valentine's Day is coming up, and the squidbeak are ready to celebrate! However, they soon receive an urg...

  • Splatoon Manga: NightRoad
    31.5K 954 100

    A fanmade part of a story by @OliveWaffles6! Edit, August 20, 2019: Thank you all for 1K reads! Season 1 Arc 1 of KyRoad. Ah, peace in inkopolis... Man, those Exams were hard, but hey. The squidbeak passed. And now they're fine again. Or are they? When shadowlings, a species that have usually strayed from fights are...