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  • Stay High
    5.2K 229 13

    Sapnap was a popular boy in a big private school, filled with rich assholes. Punz was the only one that didn't have a lot of money, nor see Sapnap the way everyone else did. When Sapnap met Punz he knew he was in deep. He has to deal with all of the popularity, but behind closed doors him and Punz would have fun. TW...

    Completed   Mature
  • Speechless (Karlnap)
    40K 1.4K 25

    Karl is mute and is attending a new school, where he meets and befriends dream and sapnap. However, the dynamic of the the trio shifts when sapnap develops feeling for karl, leaving dream as a third wheel. Angered and hurt, dream enters a deal that he might soon regret. Will sapnap confess his feelings for karl? Will...

  • epiphany- punznap
    14.8K 512 19

    maybe being with you wasn't a mistake.. sapnap overcomes his fear of planes, meeting someone new and can't believe where it lead him. how could moving across states to go and see your bestfriend change everything? - -17/17 completed- writing punznap because it's very underrated and i can't find very many fics for it r...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crescent Shaped Wheels
    362 19 1

    Short Story Led lit streets and wind brushing through his hair at 90mph. Only one thing in mind, and that's the finish line. Punznap

    Completed   Mature
  • Sk8er boy// dnf
    477K 13.1K 39

    Based on the song sk8er boy by Avril Lavigne but different, y'know Not writing smut!!! Possible trigger: this book contains swearing! Also, this is my first story so... yeah. It might suck a bit.

  • Accelerate
    1.2M 19.2K 2

    "You did good." Oh god his accent. "I don't think I've seen you race that well before." Dream looked over to him, raising an eyebrow amidst his prideful grin. "You've come to my races before?" - Dream likes to race for the rush of adrenaline, and George looks so pretty when he waves the starting flags. - Accelerate wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Caught In The Fire - Karlnap
    195K 6.8K 34

    After burning down his high school, Sapnap is sent to a private school for troubled teens. He's determined to cause as much chaos as he can but his plans come to a stop when he catches feelings for his roommate, Karl, who just happens to be a straight A student who hates getting in trouble. No one said balancing your...

  • Stick With Me (DreamNotFound)
    156K 7.1K 12

    Two friends. One airport. One big ass storm. One secret that could tear them apart. George and Clay are stuck in a Florida airport after a hurricane tears through the city and they only have one suitcase, a $20 bill, a bag of GoldFish, and each other. As the hurricane grows stronger outside, the stress and emotion...

    Completed   Mature
  • it's whatever - karlnap
    62.2K 1.7K 26

    story cover by @/StormyStarzz on twitter <3 so i completely lost motivation for this and most likely will not continue, but if you like my writing im gonna try to do some other stuff! (dnf sprinkled throughout) high-school au karl isn't popular, and he never has been. he doesn't really understand why- he thought he...

  • No Longer Silent Around You
    47.6K 1.7K 23

    Clay was born too early which makes him struggle a lot. His daily battle with multiple disabilities doesn't make his life easy and after also being bullied, even by his own brother, he shuts down around almost everyone and develops selective mutism. Instead of talking, he starts writing to his the person he wants to b...

  • Senpai Notice me (a KyoKao story)
    95.1K 2.1K 11

    When Hikaru and kaoru have an argument it hurts Kyoya to see Kaoru upset but he doesnt understand why disclaimer i down own ohshc all rights go to bisco hatori

  • Kyoya x Tamaki
    160K 3K 19

    This is all the smutt I've written. I'm going to be making an actual story out of this possibly. Just enjoy the sex. And it's a lot so viewer discretion is advised.

  • Teammates Or Lovers? - DreamNotFound
    45.2K 1.3K 17

    Highschool volleyball dnf au :)) What happens when two boys, who are madly in love, spent the last year of high school together in a volleyball team... guess we'll find out. Mostly fluff, am going to add some ✨smut✨ [unedited so expect a lot of spelling mistakes] (Cover art by me @mini.wastaken on insta) (All art use...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Stay with me" (Dreamnap)
    6.4K 298 12

    After six years of dating the love of his life, dream meets his soulmate. They already knew they werent soulmates so why did it hurt so bad? !!nsfw warning!!

  • The diner
    207K 4.8K 51

    George is a waitress. When Dream walks in to sit down with Karl, Sapnap, and quackity George catches his eye and he immediately falls in love. But later on in the story not everything is cupcakes a rainbows

  • tamaki x kyoya:stay and don't leave
    5.4K 109 11

    Tamaki came back.But didn't know it was all Kyoyas idea that the effort was put into it. Proulouge Don't leave me,please"he quivered desperately while trying to get him back from éclair leaving haruhi and the twins to sort this out. Yeah updates are so so slow.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dream Team Imagines ♡:)
    236K 2.6K 61

    | Requests are open! 🔹️ Updating daily!🔹️💫 Incl.: -💛Dreamnap -💜Dnf -🖤The DreamSMP -🤍Dreamnapfound -💚Dreamxreader -🧡Sapnapxreader -💙Georgexreader -❤Karlnap(ity) -🤎Other -👑 Ranbooxreader NEW Ello! This book is full of imagines and you can leave some requests too! There's smut included and im willing to writ...

  • I'm not jealous of him {Dreamnap fanfic}
    32.5K 1.1K 23

    cover art isn't mine. The story definitely will get better as chapters go on, i'm still learning the best way to write, so far anyone who has read the book seems to really enjoy it. There will be no smut since i'm not comfortable with righting it and am not skilled. I don't read other fanfics because I don't have a l...

    Completed   Mature
  • [✓] the things you do ~ punznap
    19.2K 590 8

    Five Times Sapnap notices how hot Punz is and One Time he notices how gay he is. Or... Sapnap not realizing that the strange feeling in his chest that he gets whenever he's with Punz means something. Punz tries to let him know. Dedicated to Squir! :D

  • Love first, then sex. | Dreamnap
    4.8K 163 1

    sapnap is insecure with who he is, and Dream only starts trying after a drunk late-night conversation. or porn with plot and it's a dreamnap long story it's a persona ship, i don't use irl names. deffo very mature, a one shot.

    Completed   Mature
  • Spiders | Dreamnap
    20.4K 1.1K 16

    Who's gonna pick up the spiders? Be the candy underneath my eyelids? Gonna tell me that I'm too far gone, and I should go home? ____ Based of the song "spiders" by Easy Life Art cover by me! Tw//sensitive topics & nsfw ; In no way is this shipping irl, it's based on their personas.

    Completed   Mature
  • Insecurities (Dreamnotnap)
    36.6K 1.1K 18

    please- please don't read this, I'm begging- I have no idea what I'm doing, please- just don't read- also this isn't in like a shipping way (despite the ship name in the title) I had no other way to phrase it but just so you know, this is all platonic,, I'm also all making them roommates so then it's easier to make th...

  • X's & O's
    8.6K 226 10

    Nick was most popular at his work place, he was a porn star but not just a regular porn star.. we worked at a gay porn industry. He never worried ab competition until a new porn star came to fame clay.. he was a dirty blond stud he was mainly popular with fems and bottoms... how will there "rivalry" end up.. ...

  • mistletoe (dreamnapfound)
    141K 4.4K 18

    dreamnapfound (dream / sapnap / george) after years of being bestfriends with dream and george, at a party, stuff happens and sapnap finds out his true feelings for his friends..

  • The one that got away |DreamNap|
    6.1K 276 8

    High school AU Inspired by the band 5 Seconds Of Summer, and "The one that got away" by Katy Perry Cover is not mine Updated every Monday

  • silence speaks in volumes {karlnap}
    136K 4.1K 30

    Karl is nerdy and mute, mostly due to insecurities, bullying, and his father's death. Nick is popular and talkative -- only because someone is always talking to the school's star basketball player. TW: -bullying -agression -violence -fighting -blood -homophobia 10, 000 reads - Sept 30/21 20, 000 reads - Oct 22/21 30...

  • The Rainbow in your eyes | Karlnap
    205K 10.1K 34

    Sapnap is a psychology student who has been allowed to work into a mental hospital for a few months so to gather the informations he needs to write his final thesis. The building is very large, with dozens of patients with different mental illnesses and peculiar behavior for him to study. Several are here by their ow...

  • Cigar
    3.6K 122 15

    Using a prompt generator to help make stories No x readers This is a series of soft stories I will write. They are all ship fics with Sapnap

  • 👑Princess👸
    4.4K 122 41

    This is my first book so yea. 😅 Anyways I haven't seen a lot of smut books of punzxreader so umm here You go simps. TW this is gonna have some messed up stuff at the beginning so if you are sensitive to that stuff would recommend skipping it. Lol so I am on like the 30th chapter I think and the fucking realization hi...