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  • Impeccable | Lee Taeyong
    983 100 18

    "Please I don't want to talk to you. Just go away." Sojung said stepping back from him. "Do you have a daughter. I spotted you in a day care." He said, curiosity spread across his face. "Yes. I do have a daughter. But it's none of your business!" She picked her discarded bag and was about to leave. When his hand clutc...

  • Hate | Lee Donghyuck
    9.6K 277 38

    Jiwon was moving out of the class when she crashed with someone. The force was so much that she fell hard on the floor. "Jeez you don't even know me and still you are falling for me." The boy said instead of helping her to get up. The whole class started hooting on the boy's words. ...

  • Dear You | Lee Jeno
    14.8K 458 28

    can two perfectionist fall in love? But what if her best friend is in love with the same person? What would she sacrifice, her first love or her friendship? To know more read it. ♡ DEAR YOU.♡ A promise of immense love and support. ♡•♡ #1st Book in SELFLOVE Series Highest Rankings #1 in arin #1 in dear you #1 in perfec...

  • Her Earpiece | JaeRose
    29.5K 1.1K 48

    What would have happened if I had given a chance to plan my favourite idol's lives. This book is a description of how JAEROSÈ would exist as a couple in the world of kpop. Its purely fictional! °•° 1st Book in REAL-KPOP series #1 in Jaerose #1 in Park chaeyong #1 in nctpink #1 in sment #1 in ygent #1 in smentertainmen...