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  • Care | ✔︎
    8.3M 380K 38

    "The Caregiver and the Mob Boss" ❦ Avelina makes her money by taking care of those who can't take care of themselves. When she is handed a case about a man who had needed a personal caregiver, she accepts. One thing Avelina never anticipated was the dangerous lifestyle he lived. Not only that, but she didn't expect fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Prodigy | ✔︎
    8.6M 354K 69

    "The Hacker and the Mob Boss" ❦ Reyna Fields seems to be an ordinary girl with her thick-framed glasses, baggy clothes, hair always up in a ponytail, and her head tucked away behind a computer screen. However, no one knows she's armed with a genius IQ and a heart of gold. She hacks her way into virtual systems on a s...

  • Midnight in the garden of mischief & mayhem
    158K 6.7K 20

    Allyra's life is completely mundane, maybe even sub-par. Things change drastically one late evening while wandering through the garden when she meets someone who will alter her life forever. You can watch the trailer by going here:

  • Winter's Hearts
    1.7M 56.3K 61

    You're a half-Jotun Valkyrie who has to live with the Avengers after helping them during a battle. Then Thor brings Loki to join the team. Can either of you thaw your frozen bruised hearts?

  • Enemies With Benefits - T.H
    1.5M 29.9K 60

    Savannah Osterfield begins her new adventure of being a university student. Moving in with her brother and his best friend who she always assumed she hated, she comes to the realization that the hate she felt could be something completely different. Maybe this boy drives her crazy in more ways than one.

  • Slide In // t.h.
    63.6K 1.3K 28

    Fratboy!AU After having missed her alarm, y/n rushes to her class. She isn't the only one, because Tom Holland, member of the Delta Kappa fraternity, is on the late side too. They bond on their short walk to the lecture and during class, but before Tom can make a move, y/n rushes out to her next class. Later that day...

  • I'm Not Broken - TH
    269K 7.5K 40

    After the tragic death of her brother, and being abandoned by her mum, Chloe escapes her abusive home with the help of her high school best friend, Tom. When she moves in with him she comes to realize that the seemingly normal guy she's been best friends with for three years is actually a multimillionaire with an enti...

  • Far From Home // t.h.
    885K 23.4K 72

    ~currently being rewritten and edited. The new version should be up soon, but I'm busy so it could also take a while. atm only chapter 1-21 are edited, because of this process, changes in plot are being made that might not be shown in the future chapters, so please, let's all just trust the process haha~ When his best...

  • In Your Eyes // Steve Rogers
    5M 168K 112

    [based on Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Avengers: Age of Ultron; Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War; Avengers: Endgame] || book one of one || To bad luck, The Man Out of Time was a blessing. Despite his wishes, his prayers, even Clara Blake wasn't an exception to the unluckiness Steve R...

  • Chosen // loki laufeyson
    2.6M 93.2K 65

    As Lienna came of age for marriage, so did the princes she had long forgotten about. And then, in the dark of night, guards and nobles came to take her away. Lienna couldn't believe it. She was Chosen.