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  • Mallam Garba's House
    23.7K 3K 7

    Salamatu smiled and scoffed, her signature evil gesture. This was not the first time her husband Mallam Garba was bringing a new wife into their home and she was sure it's not going to be the last, but what she was most certain about is that, this new wife, just like the 18 others that left before her, would not live...

  • Written In The Scars
    148K 10.3K 43

    Abbas Abdul Rabbani, youngest Prince of Balqaas, is the most wanted bachelor in the city. But after an injury alters his appearance for life, no woman desires to marry him, except for the General's daughter, Haifa. But she too has a secret. Meanwhile, a threat to the Royal family arises, threatening the peace of the...

  • Dealing with Unluckiness (Completed)
    213K 13.1K 80

    What would you do when you are constantly blamed of horrible things that are happening around you and you are innocent but it appears like you are indirectly responsible for it? Zoya Farooqi is considered as unlucky , every man that approaches her for marriage lands in mysterious accidents, with continuous taunts and...

  • A Voyage Within Qalb
    554K 25.1K 31

    There are some things you just don't get over. No matter how hard you try, some memories just don't fade away. Even if the edges are hazy, the feelings resurface inside you every time a particular person crosses your mind. Laeeq Abdullah had one such feeling wrapped in barbed wire and pushed inside his heart. For him...

  • Prince of Knights (An Arabic Love Story)✓
    2.5M 164K 67

    Winner of the 'Readers Choice Award' in Historical Fiction. Winner of the 'Readers Choice Award' in Spiritual Category. Winner of Best Muslim Readers' Choice Awards: Prince of Knights _____________ Arabs are well known for their culture, Poetry, and hospitality. They are also known for their bravery and leade...