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  • Fake It To Me Gently
    12K 813 6

    From the writer of the fan-favorite "Love Charms and Donuts" and the sleeper hit "Hero", here comes another fake-girlfriend fanfiction story starring our ultimate Blackpink (submarine) ship - JenLisa. Warning: Expect dry humour, probably misspelled and misused words, but the author will sure try and fill this story wi...

  • Love Charms and Donuts (JenLisa)
    106K 5.5K 12

    An attempt has been made by the author to write a fluffy JenLisa fanfiction. Credits: Awesome artworks used as a cover and in chapters are from artist @kookomik (thank you for being so nice and allowing me to use this). DISCLAIMER: Any names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products...

  • Return (Jenlisa)
    7.6K 252 15

    Resident sweetheart Jennie Kim has an image to maintain to her family and friends. However, will she be able to keep it up when Lisa Manoban, the notorious bully of YG University, comes in the picture? Started: April 1, 2020 Ended: on-going Notes: ▪︎ Jenlisa fanfiction 🥰 ▪︎ Will have flashbacks and timeskips ⏳ ▪︎ Fi...

    2.2K 81 3

    How far will you hold on to a promise that gives no assurance? Are you willing to stay or will you let go? But what if the universe tells you a different story? Will you be ready for it? DISCLAIMER: 📌 This is a Jenlisa x Chaelisa short story 📌 Reader discretion is advised 🔞 📌 PLEASE READ THE INTRODUCTION BEFORE R...

  • Sanctuary | Jenlisa
    32.3K 1.3K 4

    [COMPLETE] They met each other when they were young and had a bond that lasted for a lifetime and beyond. But promises and soft kisses under the moonlight weren't enough to prove and fight for their love. It took a lifetime for Jennie Kim and Lalisa Manoban to finally figure it out. A JENLISA ORIGINAL AU

    Completed   Mature
  • Scribbles and Bits: Blackpink OS Compilation
    52.8K 1.9K 22

    Blackpink (mainly Jenlisa) collection of one-shot, multi-shot/short stories inspired from random thoughts, scenarios, songs and movies. Stories are mostly written due to the author's boredom. This is the author trying her hand at writing. Disclaimer: Everything written here are purely fictional.

  • Fix You
    291K 15.4K 61

    Cold, empty, closed off, bitter and mad were just a few words Lisa associated with J, someone who she came to know as a person broken by her past...but what if she could change how she viewed the world? One email at a time? AU where Lisa received a random email from someone who's hurting and Lisa being the sunshine th...

  • recollection | ✓
    50.4K 2.1K 11

    ( JENLISA ) are people really meant to be apart or do they always find a way back to each other? started: 06/21/2019 ended: 07/16/2019

    Completed   Mature
  • I'll win you, over my crab curry dinner
    10.4K 499 6

    In which Lisa tries to stuff her face with fried chicken and well Jennie, goes to flirt over crab curry. A Jenlisa fanfiction. A collaboration with @the_heiress_maknae that you never know you needed. 😎

  • Home [COMPLETED]
    68.2K 3.7K 18

    Jennie had no idea what she was in for when she applied for the show. It seemed simple enough when she saw the details online. Stay inside a house for 10 days with a complete stranger. You will both be given a "secret challenge" during your stay. If both of them manage to do it, then they each get 2,000 US Dollars as...

    Completed   Mature