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  • Kidnapped to Marriage
    10.9K 302 13

    Izumi Midoriya, a beautiful 16 year old girl, the successor of All Might, first year at UA, the most happiest girl in Class 1-A but even she has secrets. Years worth of bullying had made her think everything is here fault, that she isn't worth saving, nor worth anything. That was until she was with her class and Clas...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marvel Women One-shots
    9.2K 210 7

    One shots based on the Marvel Women. Requests are open. I do not own any of the rights of the marvel characters.

  • Wanda X Nat X reader
    155K 2K 16

    One shots about Wanda or Nat or both wanda and Nat Will contain profanities May contain smut! I do not own any of the marvel characters!

  • The One For Me || Elizabeth Olsen [ON HOLD]
    30K 957 25

    That was the moment I knew I would marry this girl. She's the one for me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Previously called "Stay" Y/N L/N is Tom Holland's best friend. He also serves in the army. He comes home and meets Elizabeth Olsen, falling for her quickly. But what happens when he has to leave again? Will she leave him like ot...