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  • Entangled (Yuta x Reader)
    25.7K 1.8K 35

    A group of students are gathered to be trained to find out their superpowers. What happens if they are unable to showcase their talents? What if there is a huge mystery behind why they are superhumans? What if they find out the true meaning behind the Yokai? Can they fight the evil and make it out alive? (Yuta x Read...

  • you only live once//park jisung
    2.4K 89 29

    "FIRST RANK, TOP OF THE CLASS, FULL MARKS. I am sick of this crap. If I only live once why can't I live how I want to? I don't even have the courage to go against my parents......" □▪︎From afar she saw him staring at the roller coaster scared to death. She tiptoed to reach his towering height, " you only...

    394K 13.5K 68

    "Why should I care whether you die or not?" ❀ Jisung FF ❀ Mafia/Soulmate AU ❀

  • Dream of Dreams
    11K 505 27

    Dream of Dreams features one-shots from you, my amazing readers! There are so many talented authors out there that have yet to be recognized. Come check out these one-shots written by my readers are perhaps you'll be able to find some new favourite authors. Cover by @iceaestheix

  • If I were You
    238 17 4

    " Just so you know I liked my body better" "ohh so now is it my fault we switched !?"

  • dissident 。 nct
    7.1K 461 43

    ▃▃▃▃ ❝Our world doesn't play out like a fantasy. We aren't some carefree princesses getting handed happy endings on a silver platter-you make one wrong move, and it's game over.❞ ... In a world where all control over their lives is illusory, a group of strangers must take the fate of society into their own hands. ▃▃▃...

  • my lips like warm coffee {}
    3.2K 276 12

    If you've ever been in love before, feel this beat. If you know it, don't be shy and sing along A rainy afternoon, a quiet café, the smell of brewing coffee and a familiar calm lover. But she has no recollection of her love. ❝you were my imagination all along, a distant dream.❞ 210630 - 211015 under editing Short sto...

  • Results Of A Decade Attraction • Moon Taeil
    2.3K 283 56

    Being equally important, my mother had a mother to mother talk with our neighbour, asking as politely as she possibly could to babysit me - but I wouldn't exactly call it babysitting if my mom specifically asks that I only stay over to study for as long as I want; no food included, no relaxation breaks, nothing except...

  • My 23 Mafia Step Brothers ||NCT FF||
    18.5K 551 48

    •when i was born the devil said -"Oh!! SHIT!! COMPETITION!!". •The devil whispered to me -"I AM COMING FOR U" I wispered back -"BRING PIZZA". •"Sweet as sugar Cold as Ice Hurt me Once I'll break u Twice!!" •Bitch I'm not INSULTING u I'm DESCRIBING u. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mafia A/u, stepbrother ff, NCT ff ~~~~~...