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  • This Dance is For You
    6.9K 181 26

    It's been long since Latte and Almond last seen each other. Their trainees, Cream Puff and Walnut, meet up and find a solution to make Latte and Almond fall in love with each other again. While thinking of an idea, Walnut thought of something that will surely put them together. Will it succeed? Who knows... NOTE: The...

  • The Last Duet [Espresso x Madeleine FanFic]
    1.4K 64 10

    [SOULMATE AU] "Can we have this one last duet, Espresso?" This is the remake of Strings Were Bound To Break. This would be a whole new complete story, with the same soulmate AU context. Espresso and Madeleine were childhood friends. One of them has a passion for music while the other despises it. Both grew up in a p...

  • " You'll stay, right? " || Lilac Cookie X Yogurt Cream Cookie || AU story
    663 18 2

    This is an AU story where Lilac Wasn't ever hired to assassinate Yogurt Cream but to truly protect him. please don't hate on my far changing the story around, it's just an AU and you don't have to read it.