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  • Overlord: Reborn as an NPC
    110K 3.7K 33

    (A/N: The story was inspired by "Yellowness" on by MidasMan. While the first 6 chapters are pretty much copy/paste and not something I'm not proud of, it does get better and the plot begins to change once you get past it. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the fanfic!) ------------------------- To be s...

  • Transformers || Headcanons and short stories
    14.9K 606 35

    So I have this fun idea of taking a Transformer headcanon and squishing it with a short story... Annnd this book was born! The chapter will start with a small headcanon and will then continue with a short fun story that follows to back it up :) WARNING: some chapters will be very mature. I'll label them so y'all know...

  • Overlord Comics
    11.1K 661 54

    Translated by Ankouno on Tumblr Comics/art belong to their original owners, pls support them! Note: Some of these comics are BL-themed, AND almost all of these are read from right to left

  • Overlord The Son of Death
    55.8K 1.7K 34

    Momonga/Ainz logs into Yggdrasil on its last day, thankfully someone shows up and suggest something, "Momonga lets make one last NPC, it will be your son" What will happen in this new adventure now that Ainz is a father?

  • Demon of Great Disaster
    1.1K 43 4

    What if Ulbert was the leader of Ainz Ooal Gwon? What would Ulbert change in the new world? Will the people of the new world be able to resist him? Read on to find out