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  • Paw Prints || Apocalypse AU || (Seungchan/Chanmin)
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    Log date: 04/23/2026 Day 56 since hell broke loose. Multiple shells have been spotted at the lighthouse. Coastlines littered with lifeless bodies roaming the shore as the waves carry away the remnants of rotting flesh. Busan has quieted down around five days ago indicating the innocent lives lost due to the Cyst Corpo...

  • Prisms | Stray Kids AU | Seungchan
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    Seungmin is about to graduate high school and go to a community college nearby his house. He finds a letter addressed to him in the mail and opens it. "We would love to have you at Prism University, -" Seungmin read the first line with quick eyes but crumpled the paper and threw it inside the bin. 7/31/21 - #2 seungch...

  • Puppy and Wolf (Chanmin/Seungchan)
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    Fanfic of Chan and Seungmin 🌟INTERACTIVE ON CONVERSATION TAB🌟 Minor Relationships: Hyunin Minsung Changlix The shy and polite Seungmin is ever falling for Chan, the leader everyone loves. But will Seungmin ever get the chance to tell Chan? "I- Uh.... do you want to eat something then to help you through the morning...