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  • Love you so (OverDeku) (OverhaulxDeku Ship)
    92.9K 2.5K 16

    This is A OverDeku Ship story I love this ship a lot So don't judge In this OverHaul saves him Izuku spends time with Kai(Overhaul) and he falls for Kai and Kai falls for him but then Kai has to leave And gives Izuku a bird mask so he never forgets him but little do they know they will meet again... (Takes place wh...

  • Pa's a villain
    67.8K 2.5K 8

    Izukuz Midoriya was abandoned at age fove due to being quirkless, he lived on the streets and got food from strangers that felt bad. He wasn't on his own for long as he met a man, a strong man that goes by the name of Overhaul. Overhaul took in Midoriya, will he love and care for this child or will he train this child...

  • Angel (Overdeku) ~Complete~
    132K 3.4K 14

    What happens when a villain falls in love with a innocent boy? In this story Izuku Midoriya was born quirkless, he finds out later in life that being quirkless sucks ass. He meets Overhaul in the streets, by bumping into him, once overhaul fids out he's quirkless he knows hat he has to have Izuku.

  • The "Quirkless" Boy (Dadzawa)
    235K 6.3K 27

    Izuku Midoriya always thought he was quirkless until aman named Overhaul kidnapped him. He turns out to have a quirk, rewind and Overhaul wants to use it. Can the heroes save him before it's to late? *I do not own My Hero Academia or any of the characters used! The series belongs to Kohei Horikoshi and if you haven't...

  • One of a kind love. (Discontinued)
    85.6K 2.8K 1

    (I dont ship this anymore! Its only still up cause it got popular! Dont attack me i was 11 when i wrote this!) Just.... Don't read it please. Its embarrassing. [Discontinued] Im finally doing a description but please dont read it......its so stupid. Im deleting it soon

  • My Precious Patient (Yandere Overhaul X Deku)
    246K 5.5K 28

    "What do you want from me?" At this point Deku was trembling at Overhaul's hand caressing his cheek "Shh~ Your sick, filthy Deku, Let me cure you"

  • Incomplete Izuku x Overhaul
    237K 8.6K 29

    Izuku never got One for All, and never got into UA. Instead he got into a small local school. but his mother was accidentally killed when a kid got their quirk forcing Izuku to get a job.

  • My little experiment [kaixIzuku]
    212K 6.7K 51

    🧪Completed🧪 Izuku felt betrayed, he thought Kai was his friend but he was so wrong. He was taken by him before even getting to graduate middle school, he was terrified what was his 'Friend' going to do to him? He had many things way a ahead of him Also this is a Izuku x Kai so yeah don't read it you don't like the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Your mine (dabi x deku) (omega verse)
    187K 3.5K 26

    When dabi an alpha first saw deku an omega he only wanted him but knew he had to stay away but when nightly visits and him leaveing his jacket for deku would be a bad thing because after joining the league of villains his relationship with deku was going to crumble

  • Why Do You Hate Me? (Dabi X Deku)
    20.5K 475 5

    🚫Waring suicidal thoughts and actions!!!! 🚫 Deku has loved Kacchan for a while even though Kacchan hates his guts. Deku gets diagnosed with depression and anxiety before his first day of UA. Deku doesn't know how much more he can take before he breaks the abuses from his drunk father, Kacchan bulling him, and this...

  • ~your mine~ Deku x Dabi ~gay~
    85.8K 1.6K 10

    This is my first time doing a story This will have some inappropriate parts in It there might be some grammar mistakes And ya,that's pretty much it 👌🏻

  • !Reunited! (DabiDeku).
    88.7K 3.1K 9

    Touya and Izuku always gave each other a shoulder to cry on from their daily abuse, giving them the Will to continue on and smile. But what happens when Touya doesn't show up to their meeting place, day after day. How will Izuku cope? What happened to Touya? What will happen when they get 𝑟𝑒𝑢𝑛𝑖𝑡𝑒𝑑? Contain...

  • This Wasn't Supposed to Happen ❀ShigaDeku❀
    148K 3.7K 23

    ❀Description at beginning of story❀

  • Izuku is a Therapist for Villains
    688K 29.6K 14

    "How are you feeling today?" "Screw you." "Ah. I'm guessing you feel bad." Izuku becomes a main therapist for all the villains who are caught. They are treated to a sort of rehab facility to try to make them become better people in a plea deal they took instead of getting jail time. They dont know how to feel about th...

  • How He Changed (Dabixdeku) -under Editing-
    389K 10.7K 73

    What happens when he finds his bestfriend and boyfriend kissing, well Izuku gets lost but that night might have been the luckiest night of his life. Meeting Dabi is something he will never forget Dabi is aged down Villain deku later on There is a second book

    Completed   Mature
  • Shigaraki x dabi x deku : soulmate AU
    31.7K 835 8

    Izuku has been bullied all his life. Family has always told him that he'll never find his soulmate. (Your soulmate (s) name appears on your right arm when you turn 16. When they write on their arm it appears on your left arm. Your right arm burns when you find them) When his boyfriend cheats on him, he finds out his...

  • boy x boy one-shots (SUGGESTIONS OPEN!)
    69 0 2

    This is gay! very Gay! if you do not like gay or boyxboy there is a door right there and you can leave (:

  • The Office -The League Of Villains Version
    4.8K 173 7

    This is basically the Office but with the League Of Villains, the tittle is kinda self explanatory. Warnings- -Swearing -really freaking gay -contains alcohol This has the ships Tododeku, Shinkami, and Shigadabi. In this story Shinsou, Denki, Deku, and Todoroki are villains.