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  • Watching miraculous semblance
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    The miraculous ladybug class was sent into a theatre with someone their waiting for them. This person is me, I'm making the Miraculous ladybug class watch and react to my Miraculous semblance stories. How will their react to watching a whole other universe being played out right in front of their eyes, how will Marine...

  • Miraculous semblance 2 return to remnant
    21K 423 25

    After the Hawkmoth incident, Team Miraculous was now the guardians of the Miraculous. However not everything can be good. A Person ruins Marinette's life to the point the only ones that are still with her is her team. So to get away from it and to teach everyone a lesson, team Miraculous leaves Paris and to make sure...

  • Miraculous semblance
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    (Y/n) was abused by his family and was punished for things he didn't do, when he couldn't take anymore. He ran away, he used his semblance to open a portal to anywhere that was not on remnant. What will (y/n) do now on earth in Paris France growing up with a clumsy ladybug. Disclaimer: I do not own miraculous ladybug...