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  • My Whole Family Are Villain
    24.6K 789 21

    Synopsis : Fourteen years old Su Bei almost died when she had a high fever, got transmigrated into another world and finally knew a shocking truth: it turned out that the world they were in was just a novel, and her whole family was villains. The woman who gave birth to them was the cannon fodder in the novel. She and...

  • Cannon fodder female supporting role in the 1970s
    95.6K 2.1K 57

    Author: Song Qianyan Classification: Rebirth Through Status: Completed People in Songjiazhuang have been spreading rumors recently that Song Ruyi committed suicide by jumping into a river because she was abandoned. Everyone was waiting to see the Song family's joke, and they all said that a brain like Song Ruyi would...

  • Wealthy Women Just Want To Spend Money MTL
    2.5K 35 8

    Novel Summary Su Cheng, an unemployed girl, stayed up late to read a Mary Sue novel, because of the bad experience of the villain of the same name. The female partner has money, looks and figure. Isn't it good to go to Happy and Happy? Good money will not be spent. Want to go and grab a man with the female lead? In th...

  • Eldest Miss's Style Isn't Right
    92K 1.5K 53

    In the eyes of the public, the spoiled little crybaby daughter of the Gu family who was abandoned and discarded by her fiancé should be living a miserable life But they didn't expect... A business tycoon: I'm honored to have dinner with Qing Yu~ A top designer did cartwheels: Qing Yu is wearing the clothes I designed...

  • (MTL)After the original match in the countryside of eighty returned to the city
    28.3K 497 62 By: Dorothy Picking Mushrooms Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2022-05-09 Latest: Chapter 062 rebirth finished 190,000 Costume designer Nan Li put on a men's chronology and became the first match for the male protagonist to marry when he went to the countryside. In the boo...

  • The Blackened Male God Always Wants To Set A Routine For Me MTL
    4.2K 106 35

    This story is not mine For offline reading purpose only Novel Summary Her system says that if you want to get back her godhead, she has to fulfill the male lead's wish. As a result, she started the long road to attack the male lead. Su Yan is tangled. She just wanted to find her own godhead, how did she get tangled up...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Love You, And I Still Do(hanahaki)
    2.7K 152 5

    A world where hanahaki disease exists...and unrequited love kills. She developed another type of feeling for her childhood best friend...and it's slowly killing her. "I love you, and I still do." Please enjoy ~ (A/N: A short hanahaki story. You can replace it with your name when you're reading it, if you want it as 'x...

  • The Villainess Will Not Bring Dishonor To Her Family
    6.4M 366K 173

    Rei, a former samurai lieutenant is reincarnated into the body of an 8 year old, who happens to be the main villainess in a romance novel for foreign girls. A villainess destined to be executed by her fiancé the crown prince for cruelty towards the heroine of the novel. To avoid being executed she must to make allies...

  • Quitting My Studies, 'coz I Want to Date! MTL
    914 17 19

    This story is not mine. For offline reading purposes only. Novel Summary While forever-No.2 Yao Yi was submitting her homework, she overhead some teachers casually gossiping in the staffroom, about how a student's academic performance had worsened significantly ever since he started dating. Yao Yi's eyes lit up when s...

  • The Villainess Won't Let the Main Leads Break Up! MTL
    2.4K 71 17

    Novel Summary Shen Wanqing has transmigrated into a xuanhuan-angst novel! In the novel, the male and female lead's love story is full of misunderstandings, leading to heartbreak and hurt. In the end, one is dead, and one is wounded. Shen Wanqing looks at the evil villainess she has transmigrated into, "I understand, m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Male God, a Little Su MTL
    2.6K 47 22

    Story is NOT MINE. For offline reading purpose only P.S Some chapters are missing. I have look at 16 website for the missing chapter but that websites is also missing the same chapter so if anyone know where to find the complete chapters please tell me. Novel Summary Su Yan has been making her own since she was a chil...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's so Flirty MTL
    1.9K 27 11

    This story is NOT mine For offline reading purpose only Novel Summary Everyone said that Wen Yufeng was the school bully of No. 1 High School. Cutting classes, fighting, poor grades, smoking and clubbing to make girlfriends, he did all kinds of bad things. Until a young talented girl from middle school skipped some gr...

  • After Being Kidnapped by the Crown Prince MTL
    2.1K 36 8

    This story is not mine For offline reading purpose only Novel Summary Mingzhu was an unfavored concubine-born daughter inside her family. One day, she caught the eye of his Highness, the Crown Prince, and was directly sent to his bed. She became his outside mistress. For four or five years, she was locked up in a smal...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm telling jokes in abusive texts [Quick wear](MTL)
    35.9K 782 95 Author: wood hurry Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2020-06-06 Latest: Chapter 95 Final Chapter rebirth finished 332,000 Mo Mo, who has read countless abused texts, has passed through the book. Her mission is to save those tragic male supporting characters who have been ab...

  • Play decoration games with Mr. Heba (MTL)
    22.7K 338 52

    Author: Small Character Ruiqing Category: Through Rebirth Posting time: 2021-09-29 1. Ning Sese was reborn and returned to the year when he first arrived at the Yu family. As the nanny daughter who came here, she tried her best to please her at Yu's house. She lived like Miss Yu's maid, but she was still disgusted by...

  • Retire in the entertainment industry
    44.6K 828 118

    Author: da frog Category: Through Rebirth After Lin Xian has explored 10 worlds-with her accumulated points, she is back! Back on the day when she left, she was still being attacked by the entire network to frame opponents, rob her boyfriend, unfilial parents, and fraudulently donate one after another. The rumors that...

  • The real daughter is also trying to spend money to get rich today (MTL)
    59.6K 1K 48 Author: Cat Fengqi Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2021-12-23 Latest: Chapter 48 · rebirth finished 170,000 Tang Qian from Shangougou was brought back. She didn't care about her, she just disliked the favoritism of Tang's family. No matter how hard she tried, she was not...

  • After I was dressed as a wealthy female partner, I was spoiled by the group (MTL
    34.9K 630 120 Author: ah Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2020-09-19 Latest: Chapter 120 rebirth finished 256,000 Rabbit Essence White Fluffy was accidentally hit by a Taoist friend's thunder robbery, and she was dressed as a cannon fodder in a human novel. The poor mother, who is under...

  • The Disobedient Girl Awakened
    2.6K 41 45

    Novel Summary Xia Yao's self-awareness awakened and she found out she was only a vicious female character with reduced wisdom created by an author. The heroine of the novel was the gentle, kind, and considerate fake daughter who had been adopted after Xia Yao's disappearance. After being lost for a decade, the true da...

  • The Yandere's Kiss Extends My Life MTL
    2.4K 35 18

    Story is NOT mine For offline reading purposes only. Novel Summary Yan Mu was a highly experienced "superficial dog"1. Her favourite type was a malicious yet handsome-looking yandere2 man. In order to satisfy the fantasies in her heart, she wrote a male channel3 shuangwen4 about a yandere man's counterattack, but unfo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Back to the Years When My Father Was in School MTL
    16.3K 418 20

    Story is NOT mine For offline reading only. Novel Summary Before the age of 20, Lu Yan was a squeamish rich second generation who was held by her father in the palm of his hand. It all ended when her father Lu Zhen was schemed against by his opponent and went bankrupt overnight. The man who ruined Lu Zhen's life was S...

  • Green Tea Cultivation Manual (MTL) ✓
    27.3K 890 68

    NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 绿茶养成手册 AUTHOR: 十六月西瓜 Xue Qiao went on the road to becoming a green tea because she met a bitch in the game. But later, she went on this road and never returned... Xue Qiao grabbed Huo Xiaoxiong's sleeve to act like a baby, "Although I am not skilled and not good, you still have to take me til...

  • Don't Fall In Love With The Boss
    130K 5K 96

    THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. THIS IS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE ONLY. Author : Ye Fei Ran Qian Wei's last regret in her life was at the age of 19, when she offended Lu Xun, known as the "Light of the Law School". She helped her brother Qian Chuan to pry at Lu Xun's corner and robbed Mo Zixin from him. Who knew that Lu Xu...

  • Transmigrated As The Ex-wife Of A Phoenix Man
    39.6K 738 25

    THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I POSTED THIS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES Also not my translation! Source: MTLNovel ~~~~~~~ Novel Summary Upon waking up, Su Man became a second generation BaiFuMei in a book. It is a pity that she is the wife of the dog man who climbed up the branches to become a phoenix. The memory that she got...

  • Doting Marriage Addiction
    43.5K 666 39

    [STORY NOT MINE. FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY.] Author: Little Dried Fish Year: 2020 Jiang Muhan, the three-gold film emperor, is a legend in the entertainment industry. He's handsome, but extremely cold and abstinent. After ten years of debut, he hasn't shot kissing scenes nor participated in variety shows. Exce...

  • She's Cowardly and Sweet
    16.4K 387 16

    [STORY NOT MINE. FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY.] Author: Yuezhaoxi Year: 2018 Xiang Wanwan is a little cowardly and soft. However, it doesn't matter. Although she is cowardly, she has money! She felt that raising Lu Ziqian was probably the most extraordinary thing she has ever done in her life - it took all the co...

  • Hey Sweetie
    79.3K 1.1K 120

    [STORY NOT MINE. FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY.] Alternative Title: Little Sweetheart Author: Wu Ying Wu Zhong Year: 2019 Xia Zhijun got the title 'study god' after scoring first place in the whole city. He's the model student in every teacher's eyes: good grades, good manners, and quiet. When he wasn't smiling, h...

  • Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage
    22.5K 976 69

    DISCLAIMER - Story & Translation is not mine. This is merely for the offline viewing and all rights goes to the respective author, Chestnut/Ban Li Zi. Lady Mi Qing ran away from home to escape an arranged marriage. She is then confronted with the following wretched situation: Card stopped. Money stolen. All she had le...

  • Escaped Wife of a Tyrant CEO
    1.2M 36.3K 186

    | COMPLETED | When she woke up, Nuonuo became a seventeen-year-old little escaped wife of a paranoid man in the book. The male character was cold and indifferent. The college entrance examination countdown calendar in her classroom showed two hundred days. She lowered his eyes and studied for the exam. Under all cir...

  • The woman who was not chosen
    35.1K 665 37

    This is the story of the fiancee who was supposed to marry prince charming. But he met the love of his life. She, who is a very beautiful, gentle, and innocent princess. They got married and lived happily ever after. The end. But did you ever wonder what happened the fiancee he was supposed to marry? The ruthless p...